That word – liminal – is one I learned a few years back.  A friend from my Arrow Leadership program used it to describe his current situation, and it has always stuck with me.  When we would meet up for another residential (a time of “in class” learning – being all together, 4 times over the course of the 2 year program), throughout the course of the meals for the few few days, we would each take a turn to stand up and share one word that described our lives at that time.  It served as a great way to get reacquainted, and caught up with one another after being apart for the past six months.  It was through these words that we would hear about job changes, upcoming marriages, pregnancies, illness, ministry successes, ministry failures and just ordinary life updates.  
I have spoken a few times about the richness of Arrow and how my time in that program was so significant in my faith journey and development as a leader, and I am thankful that even now, four years after starting that program, it is still impacting my life.

And today, I would choose this word liminal to describe where I am.  It is described as such:  
1.of or relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process. 
2.occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.

Simply put – waiting.  Neither quite here, nor quite there yet.  

Last week I shared with my church that I would not be returning to my position as the Youth Director once my maternity leave was finished.  I have spent a lot of time praying about this, and each time, really felt that God was telling me that my season of ministry here was over.  It was a tough thing to want to admit and fully embrace.  Partly because I love our church and the students I get to work with.  And partly because it is a scary thing to let go of one thing without knowing what the next thing is that you’re suppose to grab on to.  To let go of your income without knowing where your next source of income will be from.  To let go of an role and purpose that brings a lot of fulfilment and life without knowing what you’ll next turn to, to bring challenge and growth into your days. 


And yes, it is about our kids.  I mean, of course they bring me purpose and a role and give challenge and growth.  And yes, I LOVE being at home with them.  But, it’s not all about the kids.  I really do sense that there is another job for me to do. (and well, if I’m being honest, we kind of can’t afford for me not to work).  But I don’t know what it is yet.  And I sit in this weird place of seeing the days of my mat. leave count down, but also feeling like the countdown isn’t actually leading to anything.  It’s as if day 1 of not being on maternity leave will be no different than day 365 of being on mat. leave.  (And yes, let’s just celebrate and be thankful for the incredible YEAR long maternity leave Canada provides).  


And trusting.  OH the trusting.  I am living in this place of seeing things with human eyes that tell me that it’s crazy to make decisions that could potentially leave us with significantly less income in a few months.  It’s crazy to let go of something that brings me joy and an identity that I am proud of.  But I am also seeing things with eyes of faith.  Eyes that tell me that I can be so confident in the words of scripture that tell me not to worry about anything.  That God will provide for all of our needs.  That He goes before me and behind me.  And that ultimately, my days and life are His, and that I can trust fully in His plan for me.  And some moments, the human eyes see brighter and I worry a bit.  But most moments, my eyes of faith remind me that I can rest, and not be anxious


And it’s kind of weird telling you this in the middle of the story.  I would rather be able to write what new and exciting things lay ahead -because I’m quite confident they are there – I just don’t know them yet!  But for now, I will wait.  And I will live as presently as I can, knowing that each day holds its own purpose and plan.  And I will continue to be liminal, for the time being, that is.  


So, you may have noticed that my month of blogging kind of ended on a weak note.  You would think that if one has a goal to blog every day for a month, and even if said person doesn’t quite blog every day, they would at LEAST try to end the month on a high note yes?

Well, yeah. Didn’t quite happen that way.  I quite unfortunately, got into a car accident on the last day of September, and while we are all fine, I didn’t so much feel like sitting in front of my computer that night to blog about it, or anything else.  

Nothing about a car accident is fun, especially when it’s your fault.  (I rear ended someone.  It was mostly because the road was slippery and although I had braked in what I thought was plenty of time, the tires and road had a different plan.  Still though, my fault.)  

The car is most likely a write off (still waiting for the official word), and I have been quite sore with whiplash.  The scene keeps playing over and over in my head and the nagging “if only’s” swirl around and around.

And while –  I’ll be honest – there was a bit of pit in my stomach for a day or two following the accident, I can’t help but be thankful for so many things.  

  • We are all OK.  Absolutely OK.  Sure, my neck is sore, but that will heal.  The kids are totally fine, for which I am infinitely thankful.
  • The car was on empty.  The gas light had been on my entire drive home, and I had intended on filling up later that evening.  A small thing, but still, kind of great isn’t it?  
  • The car was ALSO in need of an oil change that hadn’t yet happened. (double win!)
  • We have insurance, just for times like these.  And whoo boy, are we EVER cashing in with this one.

And then, in the days following the accident, I had so many meaningful conversations and hangouts with life-giving people.

  •  A much needed hang out with a dear friend while our kids ran loose at the park. (with a much needed coffee in hand)
  • A phone call from another friend with UNBELIEVABLY exciting (and surprising!) news of TWINS on the way!
  • A games night with two of our bests, while we laughed, at cake, played youtube playlists and caught up on our lives
  • A fancy-schmancy dinner out with an older (than us) couple that mentors us.  As a way to say thank you for their crazy generosity of time, resources and wisdom in our lives, we took them out for dinner and had a GREAT time laughing, enjoying great food, and talking about the things most important in our lives.
  • Celebrating our niece’s dedication on Sunday, and enjoying great food and –  **WARNING – CHURCHY WORD AHEAD**  – fellowship.  

By Sunday night, the not so great things that are still present because of the accident (mostly the looming dread of how much a new car will likely cost), are seemingly insignificant when compared with all the blessings in my life.   We have so much in way of tangible things.  But also in the way of the intangible.  

And this week has been a reminder, yet again, that living with gratitude is a choice.  AND a reminder that I have so much to be thankful for.  And I can’t help but call to mind the words of scripture, where it says “don’t be anxious about anything, but in prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” 

And so today, I choose gratitude, regardless of my circumstances, I choose to be thankful.  What are you thankful for today?

The Week of Zeke: 9 Months (September 17, 2014)

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that something I am WAAAY too far behind in is my monthly letters to Zeke.  So to get caught up and capture all that Zeke has done and become in the past few months, I welcome you to the “week of Zeke”.  Some of these letters have stayed half-written in my drafts folder, and a few have only been formed more recently, but I have done my best to remember and capture each month as it happened.  My hope is to end the week by FINALLY getting his birth story (and video) up here as well. (A girl can dream right?) And of course, if you couldn’t care less about babies, then this week might be a tad boring for you…



You are nine months old.  And this means one pretty important thing – you have been living in this world just as long as you did in my belly.  It means that I am just as successful at keeping you alive now, as I did when you were in utero. Although you’re keeping me awake a lot more since entering this world, I’m allowed to drink more wine and coffee, so we’ll call it a fair trade.  

Oh Zekie, I honestly can’t even begin to capture in words how awesome you are.  This month has continued to be so great with you, and I know I say that every month, but it’s hard to describe it any other way.   

Firstly, good gracious, child, do you ever have a sense of humour.  I can’t wait until you can actually talk, because you already find so many things funny in this world, and certainly know how to make us laugh.   You, since about six months old have done this grunting noise, that is pretty awesome, and while I assumed it would be a phase that would quickly pass, it seems to be sticking around.  You seem to have a really good sense of when people are getting a kick out of it, and use it to your advantage.  You will grunt, wait for a reaction, and do it again (and again, and again).   You also (in what I can only assume is typical boy fashion) find words like stinky, yucky and “blech” HILARIOUS.  We have this book, that follows the day of a little boy named David, who gets himself into trouble, puts yucky things in his mouth, has a stinky diaper, etc, and you just LOVE it.  I have no idea why, but you just chuckle your little heart out when I read it to you.
 It is very evident that you are keenly aware of the people around you, and how to interact with them, and I can’t wait to see how you develop this social skill as you grow.  


Zeke, if there’s one thing I want to remember about this month, it’s how you LOVE your sister.  She is literally your favourite person, and I love that.  If Ellie is the one to go into your room to get you after a nap, you instantly start bouncing and laughing.  She can make you laugh like no one else, and when you guys play, even if she’s a bit rough, you don’t seem to mind.  You’re just thrilled to be playing with your big sister.  Oh how I know these magical days will soon turn into fights over toys and annoyances with one another. But I also know (and want you to know), that you guys love each other deeply, and there will be so many rich moments together.  She cares for you a lot kiddo, and you need to know that.


Also Zeke, as much as you are always on the move, you are also an incredibly cuddly baby, and I want to note that, just in case this stops one day.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my (almost) three years of parenting, it’s that things can stop just as quickly as they begin.  But for now, you are a snuggler and ohhhhhh my boy, if only you knew how this fills me up.  You are the very willing recipient of far too many neck and cheek kisses, and you will often nuzzle right in to receive them.  If you’re sleepy, then giving you soother and puppy are the golden ticket to so many priceless minutes of quality cuddles.  Even as you desperately try and squirm away from being changed on the change table, when you do succeed in flipping onto your stomach (usually with a naked bum), you instantly get on your knees and put your arms around my neck for a hug and flop into me.  I know this is one of those little things that pretty much no one else will care about, but kiddo, you need to know that even if diaper changes DO take seven minutes, I secretly kind of love them.

Zeke – you stand, you move, you still wake up at least two times a night (although since moving back from camp a few weeks ago, this has gotten WAY better), you wave on command, you clap your hands (yup, I’m still pretty enamored by this one), you put your hands high above your head when we ask “how big is Zekie?”, you eat (and eat, and eat), you make your displeasure known if we take something away from you that you are playing with that you shouldn’t be, you have the cutest sad face when you’re crying, you will still go to anyone, although if you’re a little bit hungry or tired you will look at me longingly, you can do the sign language for more and all done, and you are a people person through and through. DSC_0675
You are daily changing, growing and learning, and I’ve gotta say kiddo, it’s pretty humbling to have a front row seat to the miracle that you are.  I don’t know how old you’ll be when you read this letter, and chances are you’ll read this one and think “um, mom? Seriously? I waved – NOT A BIG DEAL”, but you have to know that today, at nine months, when I wrote this, it really is.  You are not the same little person today that you were yesterday, and you’ll be different again tomorrow, and that, my boy is a miracle.

And so, like I do every night, I will kiss your head, soak you in as best I can, and thank the One who is the maker of miracles, that He gave me you.


Happy Nine Months my little boy.

Love, Mama

Caring For a Toddler in 5 (ish) Easy Steps

Hey y’all.  The good news is that I am allllmmmmooost caught up on Zeke’s monthly posts. (just one more to go!)  The bad news is that I am FAR too lazy to write one tonight. (well, maybe it’s good news for you if you’re wishing that I’d JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT MY BABY ALREADY)

We have had a busy week around these parts.  Ben has been away for the better part of this week – the first three days back up at camp for a staff debrief, and now these last 4 days on a canoe trip.  (he leads a rough life)

This means I’ve been solo parenting, which, if you’re not aware, is a HECK A LOT OF WORK.  It’s almost comical how long it takes to do the simplest of tasks.  For example:
Today seemed like an appropriate day to clip my daughter’s nails.  Mostly because they were long enough to be housing far too many germs underneath them. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide of how to accomplish this:
1) Let your daughter know you’re planning on clipping her fingernails
2) Have her emphatically declare “but I don’t WANT to”
3) Rationally explain why it’s important to keep well groomed nails
4) Repeat step 2
5) Realize that perhaps you shouldn’t have introduced this idea RIGHT when she woke up and defer the event until after breakfast
6) Bring kids downstairs with the plan to make breakfast
7) Realize you left the clippers upstairs, run up and get them
8) Run back downstairs
9) Run back upstairs for their clothes, since it’s ALSO just easier to change them in a communal spot
10) Come back downstairs and find the baby sucking on the clippers like they are the tastiest thing he’s ever laid eyes on
11) Attempt to pry them from his hands to no avail.
12) Decide that this is definitely not a hill worth dying on, and let him suck away while you get breakfast going.
13) After breakfast, remind the girl that it’s going to be time to clip her nails
14) Listen to her ask “but WHY?” several times in a row
15) Agree to let her watch a show while the nails are being clipped
16) Begin cutting her nails only to find them leaving pools of liquid on her fingers.
17) Realize that they are sopping wet from the baby’s drool
18) Give them a wipe, and continue clipping
19) Get all 10 nails done in 25 seconds.  

So, there you have it, clipping a toddler’s nails in a mere 45 minutes and 25 seconds.  Easy right?

The Week of Zeke: 8 Months (August 17, 2014)

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that something I am WAAAY too far behind in is my monthly letters to Zeke.  So to get caught up and capture all that Zeke has done and become in the past few months, I welcome you to the “week of Zeke”.  Some of these letters have stayed half-written in my drafts folder, and a few have only been formed more recently, but I have done my best to remember and capture each month as it happened.  My hope is to end the week by FINALLY getting his birth story (and video) up here as well. (A girl can dream right?) And of course, if you couldn’t care less about babies, then this week might be a tad boring for you…



What a month this has been eh kiddo?  You are officially a “camp kid” as you rang in your 8th month well into the throes of a summer at camp.  Because we spent this whole month just living up at camp, you didn’t get to experience as much adventure as the previous month (sorry my boy, we can’t fly across the country every month).  But that doesn’t mean you stopped learning, growing and stuffing everything possible in your mouth.  

There’s a few things that I want to make sure I remember about this month, even if it was a bit more “ordinary”.  The first is that you are ALWAYS moving.  Zeke, this is the month that you figured out that your body was meant to be on the move.  One day I found you sitting in your crib.  This may not seem like a big deal but you’d never done that before! You clearly figured out how to sit up from laying down.  The very next day, you started to stand, and by day’s end, you were standing on everything. The very next day after that, you figured out how to stand in your crib, and I gotta say kid, even though you’re STILL waking up 3-4 times a night, there’s something kind of irresistible about seeing this little head pop up and 2 little eyes trying to peer over the top of the playpen.  Even if it is at 4 in the morning.  (But seriously, let’s go back to sleeping through the night ok?)  The very next day after that, you realized that it was high time you learned how to climb up steps, and so you did that too.  Zeke, it’s really not fair of you to leap through the milestones this quickly ok?  How about we take it down a notch with the overachieving shall we?




You are ALSO always moving when you nurse.  This month you decided that while it is still high on your priority list to eat, you’d rather do it while CONSTANTLY IN MOTION.  I am amazed at the acrobatics you can accomplish while staying latched.  You go from laying peacefully in my arms, to flipping over and nursing while on your tummy, and then finally finishing on your knees.  I give you a 9.8 for execution.  

photo (3) photo (2)

We also need to discuss the wrangling required to get you changed each day.  Because of this new found movement, you have decided that any time laying down is time a-wastin’, and so changing your diaper has become, shall we say, an event.   I have started just getting as much of the job done while you’re on the move (read: get you naked), so that it is very limited time required to keep you still. I think you’re playing a little game where you see how many times you can flip over and get on your knees before I can successfully dress you.  The score is usually Zeke: 6, mom: 0.

In a related topic, you also like to play a little game each day called: how many things can I get in my mouth before mom catches me?  Probably the best item would have to be the pest repeller that was plugged into the hallway wall.  Not my best parenting moment when I leave you alone in the bedroom for “just a sec” only to come back and find you crawling around the hallway with this thing sticking out of your mouth. Oh the amount of times I’ve said in a warning tone “Ze-eeke – no buddy…don’t touch that”, only to have you turn around and look at me for a second and then have a huge grin spread across your face.  Stinker.  

 Zeke, while the theme of this month has been mostly about your antics, I can’t let this letter finish without being reminded again of what a happy baby you are. I just love your laugh.  You are so quick to find joy in things and the laughs flow freely out of you (especially if you’re a little bit tired).
You are a cuddler, and oh boy does this EVER make up for the fact that you’re not sleeping so well.  All we have to do is give you your soother and your puppy and you are like butter in our arms.  You had better believe we suck this for all it’s worth, and often, at whatever time of night it is when I get out of bed to put you back into yours, I always take an extra moment to let you snuggle right into me before laying you down. 

And finally Zeke, I never want to forget that you love to be sung to.  As much as you are on the move, anytime you’re squirming or fussing in my arms, all I have to do is start singing and you just stop, lock my eyes and smile.  Your hands reach up and touch my mouth and you are so aware of me when I’m singing.  Oh my boy, if only you knew what this did for me.  I will sing to you for years to come if you’ll let me.  DSC_0508

Happy 8 months Zeke.

Love, Mama


The Week of Zeke: 7 Months (July 17, 2014)

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that something I am WAAAY too far behind in is my monthly letters to Zeke.  So to get caught up and capture all that Zeke has done and become in the past few months, I welcome you to the “week of Zeke”.  Some of these letters have stayed half-written in my drafts folder, and a few have only been formed more recently, but I have done my best to remember and capture each month as it happened.  My hope is to end the week by FINALLY getting his birth story (and video) up here as well. (A girl can dream right?) And of course, if you couldn’t care less about babies, then this week might be a tad boring for you…


DSC_0338 DSC_0342

Welcome to the world of seven months! (And the “camp version” of your monthly pictures) To no one’s surprise, you are an extremely awesome seven month old, and the days with you (albeit going too quickly), are so fantastic.


This month for you Zeke, has been one filled with adventure.  You have earned your stripes as a flexible baby (the plaque is coming in the mail), as we moved our whole family up to camp for the summer.  Your whole world, as you knew it was now completely different, and you had a new room, a new bed, new surroundings and a drastically increased number of people who were trying to kiss your cheeks.  (Seriously kid, your cheeks never get a break).   It has made me so thankful for your laid back, happy demeanour as you happily went to whomever wanted to hold you next.


A week after we moved up to camp, you and I took a trip out to BC to see my friend (and your honourary auntie) Nikki get married.  Just you and me kiddo.  On a five hour flight across the country. And you refused to nap.  Enough. Said.
Actually, you were super awesome on the flight and pretty much won over the entire plane.  You were SO happy – you just didn’t want to sleep, which did make for a tiring flight for me, but it could have been so much worse.  A few times I attempted to walk you up and down the aisles to try and lull you into the land of nod, and just when I would think you were starting to doze, I’d see a smirk on the face of a passenger, and would realize that you were actually just making eye contact with whoever you could and would flash them a grin.  Then your little head would pop up like you were not even the slightest bit tired and you’d let out a little chuckle.  It was a fun game for everyone on the plane.  EXCEPT ME.  

Zeke, this month you totally figured out that life was much more interesting when you can move around, and you officially started crawling.  You have to realize that although this is a pretty normal baby milestone, it kind of caught me off guard, since your sister waited until she was 11 months before she started crawling.  I seriously have had to up my game when it comes to paying attention to you, and we play this little game every morning where I am trying to get you and your sister ready for the day to send you off to Grasshoppers (we’ll get to that in a minute), and I have to continually run back and forth from the living space, where Ellie is eating breakfast, to the bedroom down the hall to make sure you haven’t pulled the nightlight out the socket ONE.MORE.TIME.   

Let’s discuss your sleep for a minute.  Oh Zeke, you went from TOTALLY sleeping through the night before we left for camp, to completely sucking at it.  You have been sleeping in our room here at camp, and it has meant that you have realized that your milk supply is a mere stone’s throw and a whimper away.  Despite draping towels around your playpen so you can’t see us and being ridiculously quiet as we slip into bed, you are waking up so often in the night and let me just say boy, IT’S GETTING PRETTY OLD.  This past week, I actually saw every single hour on the clock and oh boy does morning ever come early when that happens.  While I desperately want you to stop this newfound nocturnal talent of yours, you know what’s still awesome?  You.  You have started doing this thing when I pull you into bed to nurse that you’ll lay beside me and nurse for a few minutes, but then you’ll get up on your knees, and just drape your whole body across mine and start nursing on the other side.  I have NO idea how you learned to do this, but there isn’t much in this world that is more precious that having you, all on your own, just flop down on top of me, and fall asleep nursing while I kiss the top of your head.  Even at three in the morning.  And then at four.  And at five.  


Zeke, camp this month has really upped the ante of busyness in our lives.  Your dad is aboslutely ROCKING at this new position of his, but it does mean we don’t see too much of him.  We are on the go from morning until evening and you spend your mornings at Grasshoppers (the babysitting program for staff kids), being absolutely doted on by a gaggle of teenage girls. You still nap well. You (mostly) eat well in the RIDICULOUSLY loud dining hall.  You are gracious with me when I leave you in our room,  thinking you’re sleeping, to hang out across the field in another building for a while, only to return to you crying.  You are learning to laugh more and more each day (I really didn’t think it was possible, such a laugher you are).  You are truly bringing joy to so many people here at camp.  While it’s not entirely easy to parent outside of our normal environment, there have been so many blessings to living up here, ones which I want you to ask me about when you read this some day.  I want us all to remember how special this time has been for us, and I want you to know that I have seen how special you are, because of how much you light up the faces of the people around us at camp.  

Zeke, on the days when you doubt your value or self worth, know that even from the youngest of ages, you have been important.  You have been filling up and bringing joy those around you simply by being who God has made you to be, and I am absolutely included in that group.  You have brought me so much joy this month, as we have adventured together, travelled together, met new friends together, slept in hotels together, slept in bunk beds together, and laughed together, and as you keep growing and learning new things, this month will always serve as a reminder for me that you are a unique and special little boy.  


Happy seven months kiddo.

Love, Mama

The Week of Zeke: 6 months (June 17, 2014)

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that something I am WAAAY too far behind in is my monthly letters to Zeke.  So to get caught up and capture all that Zeke has done and become in the past few months, I welcome you to the “week of Zeke”.  Some of these letters have stayed half-written in my drafts folder, and a few have only been formed more recently, but I have done my best to remember and capture each month as it happened.  My hope is to end the week by FINALLY getting his birth story (and video) up here as well. (A girl can dream right?) And of course, if you couldn’t care less about babies, then this week might be a tad boring for you…

10407695_10153135805226029_4242601982121516786_n 10441391_10153135805191029_206643838924830077_n

One thing you may learn about your mama as you get older is that sometimes I PUT THINGS OFF FAR TOO LONG. This post is an excellent example of that, as you turn seven months old next week. And while it can be tempting to merge a few of these monthly posts into one letter, I just can’t bring myself to bypass over writing one of, what will hopefully turn into a book of letters for you. Especially one as monumental as 6 months.

I think that’s maybe why I haven’t put any words together to summarize this past month for you – because to me, it seems like a big one, one that deserves an eloquence and thoughtfulness that I so often seem to be lacking these days.

So, here goes. You are 6 months. (I’m just going to pretend the last 3 weeks haven’t happened yet, and I’ll save those for the next post ok?)

You continue to grow and develop in just the ways you should at this age, and although the blog world probably won’t care, for posterity sake, I do need to mention that you learned how to sit up and clap this month. Now, I should probably clarify that I use the term “sit up” kind of loosely. You can sit up, but before too long, gravity overtakes you and slowly lean to one side until your cheek has met the floor. It’s pretty cute.
Now, let’s discuss the clapping. THIS one gets me. You LOVE to clap, and it is dang cute to watch you do it over and over.  You (thankfully) aren’t sick of me asking you to clap for a good portion of each day, and I will likely continue to do this until you actually use real words to say “Mom, I am SO OVER you asking me to clap.  Look, I even learned how to speak in a fully sentence JUST so that you would find something more entertaining than me putting my two hands together”.  


We started feeding you “real” food this month, too.  Just a few days before your 6 month birthday we pureed up some squash and you became a full fledged card-carrying member of the food-eating club.  You were moderately impressed, but were far more interested in getting a firm grip on the spoon to chew on.DSC_0222  

Probably the most significant event of this month, Zeke, was that you were dedicated at church.  (June 15, 2014)  The first thing you need to know is that you were HANDSOME.  Zekie-boy, you rock the bowtie like none other, and I had to fight the urge to kiss your cheeks even more than I normally do.  You also are a typical baby, and that morning, I got you alllll gussied up and took you to church early with me, because I was on worship.  You (like usual) contently sat in your car seat in the front row of chairs while I practised on the stage. When practice ended, I went over to get you, and in the time it had taken me to sing through 5 songs, you had undone both your shoes, taken them off and thrown them on the ground.  Taken off both of your socks, and thrown them on the ground. (are you sensing a theme here?) and taken off your bowtie and pulled the bow apart and was sucking on it like it was your job.  Message received, son – don’t like dressing up – got it. 
I could only laugh as I put your sopping wet bowtie back together.

Zeke, this day was so special for me and your dad. (And so many others!) We had asked both sets of your grandparents to pray about, and read over you a scripture that they had chosen for your special day and oh my boy, how I wish you know how incredible that was.  It was all I could do to fight back the tears as each of your grandparents read to you words of scripture.  Words that will continue to be prayed over your life, and words of truth that I hope will be an anchor for you as you grow up.



You, my sweet boy, are part of a legacy of faith that spans many generations before you.  And as I stare at your sweet little six month old face, my prayer has always been, since those first moments I laid eyes on you, that you would be a man of faith.  A man who stands firm in what he believes and is so deeply rooted in the love that God has for you.  

So, it’s true – I still can’t believe you have been ours for a whole half of a year already! But,I know that there are many more months and years ahead, and while there will always be a part of my momma-heart that just wants to freeze time just where its at, just to get one more clap out of you, or one more laugh that makes your chubby cheeks extend far beyond your face, I also can’t wait to see who you become, as you learn more and more about who God made you to be.10411909_10153135805046029_5303761820009670179_n

Happy six months Zekie Boy.