10 Months

So moment of honesty:  Zeke is now 14 months old.  And I am SO far behind on posting his monthly updates.  But they are written! Just not posted.  And while there is a part of me that has hesitated posting them, because truthfully, I don’t know how meaningful these posts are to anyone but me (which is ok), I really just want to finish what I’ve started, and know that if they’re posted here, at least they’re SOMEWHERE.  My actual intention is to print books of these letters for my kids to have one day, and I know if I don’t all have them in the same place, it will be harder to do!  So bear with me this week, as I post the final three letters of Zeke’s first year.  And in what has DEFINITELY been the longest birth story delay in the history of birth stories, the latest update is that it is written!  I’m just working on the video to go with it.  *sigh* I guess these are typical second child problems right?  

Zekie – you are 10 months old.  (Ok, so full disclosure…you’re currently 1 year and 4 days old, which makes me a terrible mom, but I’m sure by the time you read this I’ll have done six hundred worse things than be a little bit late on writing you a letter, so thanks in advance for cutting me some slack.)


And to be honest Zeke, this month felt like a bit of a blur.  AND to top it all off…I have NO IDEA where our September pictures are!  I fear they have been deleted forever, and my only consolation to that, is that I’m pretty sure we didn’t take very many pictures this particular month. 

This was a busy month for us kiddo, and you in your typical Zeke fashion rolled with the punches fabulously.  Except the sleeping through the night punches.  Those are apparently still never to be rolled with, and you continued this month to get up once or twice just to access what is clearly your all-you-can-eat snack bar. (My boobs)

Your dad was away for a week, wrapping up camp things, and then away on a canoe trip.  We saw lots of family(Your cousin Adah was dedicated!) and you experienced your first ever Thanksgiving.  You spent a lot of naps and nights sleeping not at home and I was reminded this month how lucky we are that you are so easy going. 


It also became evident this month that you love your grandparents.  This isn’t a new fact – you have always gone easily to all four of them and offer big smiles and laughs freely – but because we spent several nights sleeping over at your Grandpa and Grandma Giesbrecht’s this month, and lots of day time with the Bokma’s, I got to see just how much joy you get from being with them.  Zeke, I don’t know how your relationships with the four of them will play out as you get older, but if I was a betting woman, I would wager quite highly that they will rank quite highly in your books for a long time.  To watch you kick your little legs when we step in the door, just begging to get out of your carseat and into their arms does this momma heart good.  We are so thankful for grandparents that love you and your sister so very much.  (and sorry to the grandmas, but you just ADORE both of your grandpas.  It’s actually kind of ridiculous how much you just want to be with them)

Zeke, although this month seems foggy to me, there was one night that stands out clearly.  It was sometime in the middle of the night, we were at your grandparents, and your dad was away.  You had just finished feeding, and I was getting ready to bring you back to your bed.  You were in this absolutely adorable half-asleep haze that makes the 3 am feedings totally worth it, and you grabbed puppy and just nuzzled right into me.  I decided now was as good a time as any to make you do all of your tricks (of which your repertoire is growing), and I asked in a soft-whisper voice “Zekie, can you wave?”  and you lifted your head, eyes half open and obediently gave me the cutest little wave.  I asked you to show me how big you were, to clap and as a grand finale to give me a kiss, and you did all of it.  Then you picked up puppy again, and nuzzled back into my neck. 

Oh my boy, if I haven’t said it already, let me say now, you melt my heart.  You really do.  I don’t know what it is about who you are, but kiddo, you need to know that you inherently bring joy to those around you.  Yes, even at 3 in the morning.   You are a blessing in the biggest of ways kiddo, and today I celebrate the 10 month version of you who are.  You are feisty, have an incredible sense of humour and are so gentle hearted.  I can’t wait for who you continue to grow into. 


Happy 10 months my boy.

Love, Mama


Forty Degrees in the Wrong Direction

Forty-eight hours ago I was sitting on my butt.  Much like I am doing now, as I write this post.  The difference is that forty-eight hours ago, I was doing it outside, in 25 degree weather, my feet dangling in a pool, with a mojito in my hand.  


This past week, our little family was in Florida, enjoying a fantastic vacation with my birth mom.  We had such a great time visiting, seeing the sights, playing games and relaxing.  But what just topped it all off was the warmth.  Seriously, I would have been just as happy if we hadn’t gone anywhere at all, and just sat by the pool all day.  Although, let’s be real – when you have 2 little kids, this is NOT AN OPTION. But oh how good it was for the soul to soak in the sun, eat meals outside and relax.

And yesterday, we arrived home.  To a forty degree temperature difference.  (for my american readers, I’m talking celsius here).  That, my friends, is NOT AWESOME.  (just in case you weren’t sure)

Pictures will come soon, but for now I’m going to head up to my bed, burrow under my covers and try and pretend that the heat is coming from the sun, and not my heated blanket.

I’m All For Having An Open Door Policy, But This is Ridiculous

A few weeks ago (the night of the Superbowl, to be exact), there was a pretty large snow storm in our area.  Not the worse we have ever seen, but enough snow that it was a snow day the next day and we were stuck in our house, as our court wasn’t plowed until the evening and we couldn’t get out.

Anyway – that night, as we returned home from a Superbowl party quite late, I guess neither Ben nor I double checked that our front door was locked.  Somewhere in the midst of lugging two sleeping children up to their beds, with our arms full, in a feeble attempt to untie our snow-filled boots with no free hands AND keep the snow on the front door mat, we didn’t exactly get the door completely shut.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was mostly shut – but apparently, in windy snow storm conditions, mostly doesn’t quite cut it.  

Do you want to know what the result is, of have your door mostly shut, but not all the way shut?  Well, first, in the middle of the night, when you get up to pee, you remark to yourself, in your sleepy state, that it’s kind of odd that the heat is running, considering that you turn in down pretty low at night time.

The next thing that happens, is that when you run downstairs in your skivvies the next morning to answer the phone, you notice that it is wickedly cold, and oddly drafty.

Finally, you look to your right, in the direction of the draft – still in your skivvies, mind you, and notice that your front door is WIDE OPEN and judging by the amount of snow IN the house, has pretty much been open all night.  

While we may not be the experts in locking up our door, we certainly can provide some tips on how to rack up your utility bill.  


I can’t believe it’s already the end of January.  While Christmas seems like SO long ago, I really can’t account for many of the days from this month – what the HECK have I been up to?  Considering that I’m home with two kids, I could wager some pretty safe guesses as to what I’ve been doing:
   Playing with lots of toys
   Putting on hats and mittens and boots a BAZILLION times a day
   Making meals and then snacks and then more meals
   Wiping bums that aren’t my own
It’s a glamorous life isn’t it?  

It has been a great month though – Ben’s sister and brother-in-law visited for a few weeks, from BC so we had some fantastic hang outs with them.  The whole Bokma family (Minus one sibling and his family) rented a cottage for a weekend where we spent hours just being together. Games, food, walks, prayer times, naps, & good talks.  Such a wonderful weekend for the soul (and the gut – because, let’s be honest, we ate a LOT of fantastic food)

There is certainly change in the air around these parts for our family.  I can’t go into too many details yet – a few things need to be firmed up and shared with some friends, but there are exciting things on the horizon!  (Don’t you just love when people are so vague in a blog post??)

We are headed to Florida in a few weeks time with my birthmom for a vacation.  Ellie has been quite excited as we have talked about heading on a plane to a house that has its very own pool.  Somehow, in the discussions, however, her little three year old mind was hearing things a bit differently, as we left the house today to spend time at a friend’s place.  She came trudging down the stairs with her hands FULL of things.  Bags upon bags of her stuff: blankets, toys, ducky and soother, her doll all strapped into its little car seat, etc.  I sighed, and loaded up the car with all of her things as we headed out the door (already kind of late).  When we got to our destination and I started unloading the stuff, she said “oh, you can just leave all of that in the car – it’s for the plane”.  Umm, ok.  And then when we returned home in time for lunch today, she says as we pull into the driveway “Where is the house with lots of rooms?  When do we get on the plane?”  Oh geez.  Talk about a let down.  I explained that we weren’t going to Florida for a little while yet and she asks “Soooo….like in one more sleep?”  Clearly we need to start learning what a calendar looks like.  
At least she seemed relieved to know we WEREN’T going to be leaving daddy behind, as I had nonchalantly brushed off her concern earlier that morning as to why dad was staying home to work.  
Oh the minds of little ones.

My butt hurts.  As part of our Bokma weekend extravaganza we went curling, and while I’m still holding out hope that this will be the sport that gets me a berth into the Olympics one day, I think it’s safe to say that my curling prowess isn’t a honed skill just yet.  I fell.  And I fell HARD.  Right on my butt.  It was pretty comical actually, how comic-like my fall actually was.  It may as well have been a banana peel placed strategically in front of my foot for how straight up in the air my feet went.  And I’m still feeling the effects of that graceful manoeuvre a few weeks later.  I was doing pretty good until our frisbee game last night, and my butt was slightly angry that I tried to run so much. 

I can’t really think of a better spot to end this, than to have you all thinking about my butt being sore.   So, like the wise, and classy writer that I am, I shall end on this high note.  No need to thank me.

Reason #58b

Remember this post?  If you’re too lazy to click the link, basically I lament the “outdated-ness” of our kitchen and how despite this fact, I am trying not to buy into the “must have shiny new everything” mentality.  BUT, sometimes things just realllly tip me over to the side of the fence that make me want to hasten the process of just re-doing the whole entire thing.  (and if you’re still too lazy to click the link, I posted a picture of the stain left on our counter.  The stain that is a perfect outline of 2 bananas, because that is what was left out on the counter to thaw the night before.  And because our counters are JUST THAT CRAPPY.)

And just like the picture in the first post, we have another, shall we say…”incident”.  So…does anyone want to guess what handy dandy little sticky piece of paper was “posted” to our counter and happened to get a little bit wet?



Christmas 2014



Childlike wonder at the Christmas tree.  Rich family time. Rich time with friends who are family.  Childlike wonder at the gifts before them. Sleeping In. Food Galore.  Facetiming and Skyping with family who live on far away continents. Games, games and more games. Grandparent bliss.  Much needed rest.  Healthy kids (and parents), and so very thankful for that.  Reconnecting with old friends. Sweet times of reflection and celebration on the birth of our Saviour.  DSC_0460 DSC_0566 DSC_0575 DSC_0619 DSC_0470


DSC_0555DSC_0494DSC_0589DSC_0526 DSC_0551 DSC_0562 DSC_0617

Happy New Year

This holiday has been filled with so many good things: time with both sides of the family (A new novelty, since Ben’s parents and sister moved from out east! What a treat to spend Christmas eve and Christmas day with them!), reconnecting with friends, games, games and more games, sleeping in (much in part due to my mom who takes the kids in the morning and feeds them breakfast), movies, far too much food, and time spent sitting on a couch with nothing on the agenda except good conversations, tv shows, and more food.  

All good things for a holiday to hold.  

And just like that it’s 2015 and 365 days lay before us all fresh and clean waiting to be filled and defined.  Kind of exciting isn’t it?  

So Happy New Year to you and yours.  Soak in these last few days of the holidays before the year takes off and becomes, once again, the norm.  And remember, if you do something today that you want to make a habit (go for a run, read your Bible, drink a smoothie, blog, whatever!), then you can say you’ve done it every day this year so far.  (the trick will be doing it again tomorrow, and the next day – but see how long you can go for!) 

Enjoy today!