What…you thought I was gonna let her do all of the talking!…Bark

Hey Everyone,

Ben here.

I have been planning my debut and I believe that I have just the topic to blog about. Bark. Yes you read it right bark will be the subject of my post today.  So I was on a walk today on a trail in the beautiful Dundas Valley Area when I noticed that several trees had the bark missing.  Being the qualified nature guide I am, I knew that a deer had taken the bark from these trees.  This was all fine in my mind because at the time I didn’t care to munch on bark but had I, I might have been pissed. Anyways, I began thinking about eating bark and how it might be fine eating it but coming out it must be a ripping good time.  I quickly started to relate a deer eating bark as humans eating heaps of corn chips and then dealing with the repercussions. The moral of the story is A) don’t let your mind wander like I did because you may gross yourself out and B) Don’t eat bark leave it to Beaver and the Deer.  So now that i have taken you all to a place that you didn’t want to go I will bow out with you dwelling on the above thoughts. 


5 thoughts on “What…you thought I was gonna let her do all of the talking!…Bark

  1. You know, you being married to my cousin and all, I have always kind of wanted to meet you – but now, I’m not so sure…

    Love the blog – you guys are hilarious!

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