Reason #283 Why I Have the Best Husband

Because of this:

Ben made this headboard for us (me).  As a surprise.  And  I love it.  He has been working on it for months now, and I although by the end I knew it was coming, he spent months in secret, heading off to a friends house to work on it.  He did it all on his own, designed and created it and really wanted it to be a surprise.

At some point along the way Ben had to tell me he was working on a surprise for me – mostly because there were random amounts of money leaving our bank account at various times, and there were phone calls and emails that I wasn’t allowed to read/hear.  But that poses a problem for me.  You see -the minute I know there’s SOMETHING in the works – I can’t sit still.  I ask questions ALL.THE.TIME about what it could be, is it this? or that? is it big? small? will I like it?  And then because I don’t ACTUALLY want to ruin my own surprise, I tell Ben that he’d better delete all his emails because if he doesn’t, I’ll probably snoop, even if I don’t want to. It’s just SO hard knowing there would be information about my surprise and not go looking for it.

  • Like the time we were dating and he was working in Nevada for the summer and because I snooped in his email I knew that he’d worked it out with my mom to make sure there were a dozen red roses delivered to me at work.  I had to pretend I had no idea -even though every time someone came through the front door at work I practically just held out my hand, without even looking up, expecting a dozen roses to be put into it.  (don’t worry, I confessed that I had snooped -although a few months later)

Anyway – enough about that.  Here’s what I now refer to as “my new bed”.  I know, I know, the bed is the same – but it’s just so much more fun to sleep in now. 

Also? The stain glass? Ben designed that and had a friend make it for us.  (That part I didn’t know about and was a great surprise) 

Well clearly this post is pretty much a brag fest about my handy husband.  But he really does deserve lots of credit.  He’s amazing at creating and making things – and I’m pretty lucky that I get to be his inspiration.

PS – If you’re wondering: Yes I did make the bed just for the pictures, and yes, those are deep, profound “how to be a better Christian” books on Ben’s side of the bed, and Archie comics on mine.


5 thoughts on “Reason #283 Why I Have the Best Husband

  1. Feel free to have Ben mentor jamsie-poo in the ways of being a handy and romantic husband. He could use a few tips. 😉

    Ahh, Nikki would be proud of this man craft.


  2. Karmyn says:

    haha -Nikki certainly would be proud of this man-craft. Hear that Nikki??

    Don’t worry CB, you get romantic love songs written about you – those are pretty timeless. Ben would try that route – but nothing sounds too romantic when all you can play is the spoons 🙂

  3. Tom Bosma says:

    I am so happy that you are “thrilled” w/that headboard,-also very proud of you>Ben for your work-in it. Praise God -that He brought you 2 together and that youu Love and appreciate each other.
    Boz (uncle Tom)

  4. Sarah Dawn says:

    very sweet… 🙂 I think the Bokma’s are a pretty good product on the line right now…

    and Jo wanted to say that Ben’s face looks fat in the picture on your main page. I agree. Sorry Ben.

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