Nothing to say and no time to say it in

So it’s been a little while since I’ve posted – probably mostly because now that I’ve posted about my new bed-  nothing else seems quite as exciting. 

Actually- it’s just been really busy.  Which is good.  I feel like I’m well into the swing of my new job at the church and I’m loving it. Each day as I inch my way to the office in traffic,  I just get really excited about what I get to do that day.  I know I’m in the proverbial “honeymoon” phase, and there will most definitely be days that suck and will make me want to work elsewhere, (and I may or may not blog about those days), but I’m choosing to put that fact aside for now and just soak in all that I’m learning and doing.

Although I’m loving it – it’s definitely not your standard 9-5 job.  No ministry job really is.  And that my friends, is my excuse for not blogging.  I had a meeting Monday night, Youth on Wednesday night and a community bbq to help out with on Thursday night. (so when you come and check the blog and it’s looking the same as it was yesterday, don’t mutter mean things under your breath at me- just think “that Karmyn, she must be working for Jesus again”)

When you throw in the Ultimate frisbee game on Tuesday night. you’ve got the week pretty much booked up. (Speaking of ultimate frisbee – it’s going well – our team is 3-0! Me? Ummm, well I’m having fun.  And until I become an Ultimate superstar, and score the game-winning point by leaping 5 feet in the air over my defender to catch the frisbee and then execute a perfect landing, I’ll probably just keep telling you that I’m having fun)

Well there you go – my week in a nutshell.  This weekend we’re heading to Whitby for a wedding, then back to Oakville for church, and then I’m driving up to Muskoka Woods with Dustin and my mom to drop him off for the summer. 

Let’s go back to that part about driving back to Oakville for church – as much as I love it here – there is one thing I will miss: Gone are the days of sleeping in until 9:42 and then rolling out of bed and into the car to make it to church for 10.  Also gone, are the days of having an entire weekend away. Mourn those with me for a moment will you?                  Thanks – I knew you’d understand.  Now if you really loved me you’d come to church with me at 8 am and help me set up the sunday school rooms.

Ok, so that’s all I really got. 

Maybe I’ll be back Monday with some updates.  maybe.




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