Last weekend these two got married…

And it was great.  The wedding was beautiful, Lisa looked stunning and Chris is clearly in love with her.  For those of you that don’t know these two – Lisa and I went to the same youth group. She then ended up at Redeemer for a year where she met Chris, and then they stayed in Hamilton to go to Mac.  It allowed Ben and I the chance to get to know them well as a couple, and probably our favourite thing to do with them is have games nights, where I frequently beat Chris at every game we play.

Because the wedding was an “Old school youth group wedding”, I had such a great time re-connecting with friends who I don’t get to see as often anymore. We always manage to have fun as a crew – especially when it comes time to “cut a rug”.

Lisa, Sheena and I: I’m pretty sure we’re all looking at different cameras, but this was the best we could do…it was either this:

or this:

And the obligatory picture of Ben and I.  I know. I am constantly putting up pictures of just me and Ben from every wedding we go to (on facebook anyway).  Deal with it.  Although I agree- I look kind of weird (or pregnant – which I am not)  in this one. (could my chin BE any pointier??)  You can deal with that as well.  (Speaking of facebook, you’ll find more pictures there. If you’re not my friend yet, you probably should be.)

Also? Can I just say that these centrepieces were KILLER?  I them.


To Chris and Lisa:  I hope your day was all you wanted it to be.  You both exuded love for each other and for Christ.  We were honoured to be a part of that.




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