The Willies

So last night, Ben and I come home from being out, and I notice that there’s a centipede just chillaxing on our wall.  umm ew.  Now, I’m not THAT easily creeped out by bugs, and as long as they don’t startle me, land on my shoulder, or try to lay eggs in my ears while I sleep, I’m cool with them.

But I do kill them when I see them.  So I grab a kleenex, make my way over the wall and stare at it for a second, marveling at how grotesque it really was.  Their legs are LONG yo.  I contemplated taking a picture of it, but didn’t really want to turn my back to it, just in case it decided to make a run for it, so I killed it, and that was the end of it.

But then, no sooner had I turned around that I noticed a spider near the ceiling.   I called Ben (sometimes it’s really handy having a 6’7″ guy around) and got him to kill it.  Again, no real big deal, we see an average of 1 spider a day in this place – they’re alright, and so far, no babies have crawled out of my face, so we’re cool

But THEN – oh man – Ben looked down at his feet and there was THE biggest, grossest….THING I’d ever seen. (keep in mind this has all been in a span of about 15 seconds…it’s like bug central)   I got him to kill it IMMEDIATELY.  And honestly-  it still gives me The Willies just thinking about it.  You know that feeling of being all itchy and you’re convinced something is on you just because you saw a bug? yeah, that was me for the rest of the night thanks to this thing.

Clearly, I had to take a picture of it, or else this blog just wouldn’t have the same effect.  And I realize that there are MUCH bigger bugs in this world, some of which I’ve seen on my own travels – so don’t go thinking “Karmyn is SUCH a wussie pants”.  (because I know you’re all on the verge)  But keep in mind we’re in Canada. IN the city. INdoors. 

And now take a look at this (I apologize for the guts…I wasn’t about to risk this one getting away just so I could get a picture of it alive)

Can I please point out that it’s tentacle/antennae/leg things are SO long they don’t even fit in this picture?

Now see it again next to my finger, just to put it in perspective (feel free to click on the picture to get the up close and personal view):

So, please don’t judge me if the next time you see me I have kleenex stuffed in my ears and my nostrils before I go to bed at night.  With guys like these crawling around, you can never be too careful.



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