So it’s July 11th, and that can only mean one thing – yes, that’s right, it’s free slurpee day at 7-11.

One of the ladies that works here in the church office was the first to realize it was 07/11, and then proceeded to reminisce about the days she would go and get nachos and slurpees.  I then realized that it had been ages since I’d actually stepped into a 7-11, and it was then, at that moment, that we knew what we needed to do.

We google mapped the closest location and off we went.  We probably spent about 15 minutes just filling up our free slurpee cups (which by the way are ridiculously small), with “samples”, before actually loading up on our flavour of choice. (I went with G-force orange and Blue Tornado – classic mix, really)

And then it was onto the nachos. Oh sweet nachos that have been sitting in their little containers for far too long.  And the cheese, oh the cheese.  The cheese that is dispensed out of a machine that resembles a soft ice cream dispenser at McDonald’s. (which always makes me wonder who came up with that idea? Who had enough time on their hands to think “cheese in  block form? no, that simply won’t do anymore….let’s slightly liquify it, so that it can ooze out of a machine”)  The best part is that the cheese that stays in the same tube-like shape once it has been squeezed out of the machine and into the little plastic holder that’s included in your nachos tray. 

It’s the type of meal that makes you instantly feel sick, once you’ve swallowed your first nacho, but you keep going anyway because it has an allure about it.  Something keeps pulling you back to the cheese that’s 97% plastic, 3 % cheddar flavouring.   

Have I tempted you yet?  Go ahead, leave my blog, leap out of your seat and get going. I’ll understand.  There’s only 1/2  a day left to maximize on getting as many free slurpees as you can.  And while you’re at it, you might as well get the nachos.  I hear they’re delicious.


2 thoughts on “7-11

  1. I remember when 7-11 opened in Bolivia. We drove 1 hour across town to get a slurpee, and it was glorious. No one knew what a slurpee was, or what a 7-11 was, so eventually they went under.

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