The 20 hour car ride: A recap

Hello y’all,

Well, so far, the holiday’s been great.  We made it out here, and haven’t really stopped much yet. I’m sure at some point, I’ll get to the actual events of our time here in Nova Scotia, (including my birthday and a surprise whale watching trip from my hubby!), but I don’t want to get ahead of myself – I know you’re all just dying to have a play-by-play recap of our trip out here, since I made it sound like such a fun time.  Feel free to close your eyes, have someone else read it to you, and picture yourself in the Toyota Echo with us as I take you, hour by hour (almost) from Ontario to Nova Scotia.

Friday July 18

7:00 pm – Scheduled departure time

9:30 pm – Actual departure time.  This is what happens when you take 4 adults who have no real responsibilities (read: kids), and all the time in the world, and stick them on a road trip together

9:31pm – I wonder how the heck Sarah and I are going to survive in the back seat with 1/4 of a seat each to our name.  The rest of the space in the car was taken up with: Suitcases, food and legs.

10:30 pm  -We’re all wired, excited and ready to have the experience of a lifetime.  The car is a chatty place, filled with laughs, about 12 ft  of legs taking up 3/4 of the car, deep talks about family, spiritual things and life in general, a contest to see who can make up the funniest joke, and 1800 kms ahead of us

11:30 – First pit stop.  We pee and switch drivers

12-3 am – Ben drives and the rest of us bail on him and fall asleep.  But don’t worry, we do that move where every half an hour or so, we wake up a little bit and ask if he’s doing ok, even though we’re too incoherent to do anything about it if he’s not, and then fall back asleep before we even hear his answer.

3 am – Montreal.  I take over driving.   

3:10 am – I take the wrong road and get us lost

3:20 am – Back on  track

5:00 am -Stop for gas.  Realize the GPS has us going through the States.  Realize we all don’t have the proper ID, so we can’t go that way. 

5:02 – We’re all grumpy, but we all pretend like we’re not and so we suck it up and backtrack to a road that will take us through Canada.  Don’t worry, it’s only an hour or so out of the way

5:07 – I swear under my breath at the GPS

5:12 – Still swearing

6:08 – The first fart that causes us to roll down our window occurs. 

6:09 – We realize someone farted and Ben, Sarah and I try and figure it out.  Ben even says “I think I farted, but it doesn’t smell like me”.  I had to agree. 

6:10 -We realize that apparently Jo can fart in his sleep.  The windows get rolled down.

7:00 – Switch drivers. Sarah takes over.  Pee break.  I start to brush my teeth and then realize there’s signs everywhere that says not to drink the water.  I stop brushing and start worrying about getting beaver fever. 

7:25 – Sarah has had enough of driving and we switch drivers again.  Ok, I’m kidding she lasted a little bit longer than that. 

8:00 – Stop for breakfast and a switch up.  I’m fast asleep in the back after driving the night shift, so I only wake up enough to tell Ben to get me a bacon breakfast sandwich from Tim Horton’s.

8:15 – I start eating my sandwich and realize it’s not bacon, it’s sausage.  I’m far too tired to be rational, so I get preeety grumpy at Ben for ordering me the wrong sandwich. I stay this way for a while.

9-12 – Nothing much happens. Sleeping, discussions about poo, realizing that sometimes we all get grumpy at our spouses, reading, oh and one more roll down the window fart.  (same culprit)

12:30 – pull over at side of the road to switch it up, stretch legs, etc.  It is here that Ben started doing lunges along the Trans Canada Highway.  It is also here that I pretended I didn’t know who he was.

12:35 – Got back in the car, started driving and then realized we should eat lunch.  So we ate on the road. We had the stuff to make sandwiches (thanks Sarah), but no utensils.  So we used pretzels to spread our hummus, and a credit card to cut our cucumber.

1:15 – Spilled Cranberry juice on my white shirt

1:16 – Silently celebrated because I’d made it 14 hours without spilling on my white shirt.

2:30 – Ben got the giggles. 

3:30 – Stopped for gas, and treats.  Ben and I opted for the entire tub of ice cream.  (Ok, it was only a 1/2 litre)

3:30-5 – I try and sleep, but Jo’s drool marks on the communal pillow are deterring me.

6:00 – We reach home!  We’re greeted by the folks, and a great meal.  Let the fun begin.


Well I hope it was as good for you read as it was in person.  As you can see, I’m a great road trip companion, so if you ever need one, you know where I am.

Oh, and Nick and Mel, we miss you out here.  Come back please? Somehow reunion games won’t be the same without you.


4 thoughts on “The 20 hour car ride: A recap

  1. Nick Bokma says:

    Frig….what a story, I can only imagine what happened on that trip and choking on Joe’s farts…I almost felt I was there…and we are going to miss everyone like crazy during the reunion, I could shed a tear just thinking about it. We miss you guys, hope you have fun out east!

    Love Nick and Mel

  2. christy = needing an update!

    now that you’ve created this blog, you have adoring fans chomping at the bit to hear more! You’re trapped by your own monsterous creation. bwahahahaaahaa

    I miss you guys, but hope you’re having a fabulous time. 🙂

    Love ya

  3. Sarah Dawn says:

    I finally read this blog… hilarious! Took me back to that eventful car ride… I can almost smell it… gross… and I have this picture of the car filled up with Bokma boy legs

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