A Date, A Surprise, and A Steak

On Friday I took Ben on a surprise date.  Thanks to a generous couple in our church, I was able to take Ben out to the Keg.  I got the gift card from them on Tuesday (as a thank you to Ben and I for house sitting over the summer), and was able to keep it a secret for an entire 3 days before it literally started to burn a whole in my purse.  Literally. 

For those of you that know me, you know that keeping surprises isn’t exactly my strong suit.  Well, actually, it might just be Ben that knows this, since he is usually the receipient of my lame attempts at surprising him.  So, when I got the gift card, I thought it would be fun to keep it a secret, and then one night just tell Ben to put on something nice cause I was taking him out.

I lasted 3 whole days people.  And this just a gift card.  Can you imagine what will happen if I ever (hopefully one day) get pregnant? Good luck keeping that one under wraps for very long.  “Oh hey everyone. We’re about 5 minutes pregnant…just thought you’d like to know”

Anyway – as I was saying, we went to the Keg. All I have are 10 words: Pecans, honey dijion sauce, goat cheese; all on my steak.  Yeah, it was good.  And I ate the whole thing.  Which is rare for me to do.  (I get full fast…deal with it).  I paid for it after – just ask Ben who had to put up with my moaning and whining, cursing my gut, and being doubled over for a while. – but it was worth every penny we didn’t have to pay.


ps – I realize this blog has been pictureless for a while.  I should really start documenting more things eh?  Here’s a freebie just for fun:


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