Somebody went to Customer Sales School

This past weekend Ben and I went home to my parents, and on Saturday I went shopping with my mom to pick up a few things for our new place.  (Pictures are coming soon…I really don’t want to show you much until it’s all set up….but since that may take a loooong time, I might just show you the mid-set up look) 

Anyway, one of the things I needed to get, was a vase, for some sticks I’d bought.  So my mom and I are in Pier 1, and the sales lady asks if we need any help.  I mention what I’m there to get, and she listens, offers her advice and then goes away.  A little while later, I had found one I liked (on sale! for 30 bucks!) and was carrying it around the store.  The sales lady comes back with a bigger, double-the-price vase, and says that this might be an option for me. 

She then proceeds to tell me that I should really consider it, because even though it’s just a vase, it’s like buying a piece of furniture for my house.  THEN, she says this: It’s an investment really.  It’s worth paying the extra money for something like this.


REALLY? REALLY SALES LADY? Because last time I checked, purchasing a ceramic object that could break at a moments notice wasn’t really something I’d put in the “investment” category. 

RRSPS.  Now that’s an investment. My education? Yeah, I’d call that an investment too.  A house? Sure, depending on the market that too would be considered an investment.  You know what? I’ll even give you something like a couch, that will last you a good long while.  But a $65.00 vase? Mmm, now you’re just pushing it.  I’ll give you points for trying though.

I came home with a vase that cost me thirty dollars.  You know, I just didn’t want all that pressure of my investment to be sitting out in the open in my living room, waiting for some guest to walk by it all willy-nilly like and knock it over.  Maybe I’ll take the extra $35 dollars I saved and invest in some ice cream, or a movie or something long-term like that.


6 thoughts on “Somebody went to Customer Sales School

  1. Melissa says:

    You make some compelling points here, Karmyn. Especially the part about someone possibly walking into your living room “all willy-nilly like.” There’s just no way of ever telling when that might happen.

  2. just wanted to say that i like your new picture. i like it much better. no more half face pics of the two of you. i like it.
    call me sometime. or maybe just stop over from some fries and gelato and good times…

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