*pardon all the sentimental-ness of this one. I imagine my cousins will probably get more out of this than the rest of you – but I’ll let the rest of you “listen in” as well…

Yesterday my grandparents celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary.  They won’t be reading this blog, in fact, I’m fairly certain that if I tried to explain what a blog was, they’d be left scratching their heads.  But I did want to stop, and acknowledge the fact that their marriage has lasted far longer than many of those in our world. 

There was a celebration for them out in Saskatchewan on Saturday, which we couldn’t be at, but all of the grandchildren made videos with our favourite memories of Grandpa and Grandma.  As I thought about the memories I have of them, there were almost too many to narrow down – but a few did stick out, that I shared on the video:

  • The games we would play: Whether they would be visiting us out here in Ontario, or our trips out west, it was guaranteed that there would be many hours spent playing games.  These hours were often accented with grandma’s cookies, root beer, bugles, and grandpa throwing in the odd german word from time to time.   As I grew older, the games evolved from Battling Tops and Kerplunk, to Skip-Bo and Ten Pennies, but everything else stayed the same.  Even this past summer, at the age of 26, there was something so familiar and comfortable about sitting at their kitchen table, listening to Grandpa whistle quietly as he picked up another wild card, as I picked up another cookie and ate it. 
  • The time I puked in Grandma’s hand: Yes, this memory is gross…but can you see how it just maybe could stand out in my head?  I don’t know too many people who would be willing to catch my vomit….and I know even fewer people who would have the cat-like reflexes to react quick enough to my gagging sounds. Only a grandma could and would do that.  (and if you’re wondering….I did include this memory on the video)
  • Listening to them pray.  This was probably the most vivid memory I have of them.  When we would go visit them, the rooms we stayed in (the Pink room for me, the blue room for Dallas and Dustin) were upstairs.  On many, many, many occasions I would be settled under the covers, after secretly and quietly playing a few rounds of Pong on the old black and white tv in my room, and I would hear their slow, steady voices coming from the kitchen.  Every night, they would pray for each of their children and grandchildren.  It was a sound that often lulled me to sleep, although I’d always try and stay awake long enough to hear my name, which inevitably would come.  Each morning, I’d hear them doing the same, as they did their devotions together.

I think that right there is the secret.  I don’t think my grandparents will ever know the example they set for me, as they remained faithful in their walks with God.  And I’m certain that is why they just celebrated sixty years of marriage. 

Happy Anniversary Grandpa and Grandma.

Love Karmyn


5 thoughts on “Sixty*

  1. Kendall says:

    Yep. I remember all those…except the vomit one. Gross! 🙂 I have such wonderful memories, too, of being with them. We are so fortunate to have such loving grandparents!

  2. denita says:

    first of all yesterday when i was talking to g&g, grandma referred to a blog as a blob. that was great.

    i miss kerplunk.

    and sometimes i sing “my grandfathers clock” when i play skipbo.

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