This is what happens when you go from having a dishwasher, to not having one


Pretty bad eh?  The secret is now out to my mother-in-law:  I’m a bad housekeeper.

Ok, so that’s not entirely true (but partly, if I’m being honest…) So the real story is that we had to get a new faucet because our old one was leaking, so Ben disassembled the old one, but didn’t have time to put the new one in for a few days.  And in that few days we had company, made lots of food, and well, just built up a lot of dishes I guess.

By the time we had the faucent installed, and had enough time to do dishes, the situation was pretty bad: We had ZERO forks, yo.  We also had zero free counter space, which pretty much eliminates my motivation to want to make anything other than toast. 

I’m happy to report that after only 1.5 hours of washing dishes, things have been restored and our cutlery drawer is now an overflowing cornucopia of clean utensils.  (Did you like how I threw a very holiday appropriate adjective in there? eh? eh?)  

I’d like to say that we have vowed to never let it get that bad again, but we’re realistic, and although we won’t always have the lack of a faucet to blame on the stack of dishes piling up, there’s no real guarantee that it won’t happen again.  Although toast for lunch 4 days in a row was a pretty good motivation to stay on top of things from now on.


Happy thanksgiving to all of of you – I hope you have a great looooong weekend eating your face off.  (Americans, although your weekend won’t be long, I give you permission to gorge yourself in honour of our thankfulness)


3 thoughts on “This is what happens when you go from having a dishwasher, to not having one

  1. Courtney Johnson says:

    Haha, nice. I think if I moved to a place without a dishwasher, I’d be eating off of paper products…

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll be celebrating… however, no matter what job I’m at, they never let me take a long weekend. But I keep asking…

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