Perhaps I’ll try selling the contents in my dustpan for a ridiculous price too

This weekend was great.  Busy, but great. 

We went to Whitby for Friday to Saturday to spend some time with my parents and Dustin.   Friday night we went and saw the new Bond flick Quantum of Solace.  Not only was it opening night, but we went to the 10:30 show. We didn’t even get home until…wait for it… 1 am. I know.  We’re hardcore.  Someone better lock us up now before we reak havoc on the nightlife of Whitby.  I know what you’re thinking: “Man Karmyn, are you ever hip and with it”.  

Saturday night we went out with some great friends for dinner in Toronto, and then to the Art Gallery of Ontario to take advantage of the fact that it was F.R.E.E.  Apparently, the entire population of Toronto also thought this would be a good idea, so we didn’t get to see too much of the massive gallery, since it was slightly tough to move around.

We saw some incredible pieces of art.  Art that spanned over centuries, styles, mediums and muses.

We also saw a piece of art that consisted of a bunch of rocks piled on the floor, in the middle of one of the rooms, seemingly glued together.   (Now it’s at this point, that I must confess that from time to time, as I look at certain pieces of art, I do tend to think “I could do that”.  Really, I could.  I could take a big piece of white paper, and paint 1 line down the middle as well.  The price difference apparently is in who did the painting of said line.) So, as we approached this big pile of rocks in the middle of the floor, I confess (probably to the chagrin of my mucho-talented artist that is my sister in law),  that this thought crossed my mind.  I was pretty sure it wouldn’t take me too long to gather some rocks and some Elmer glue and go nuts.  In fact, I’m pretty sure in the first grade I did a project much like this one.

The thing is though, there was a kicker. I know – I love a good kicker just as much as the next person – and oh my friends, is there ever a kicker.

The kicker? There were CHEESIES scattered amongst the rocks.  I honestly didn’t quite know what to think.  Part of me just assumed someone had an unfortunate spill right around this piece of art – but that theory was quelched when I then saw someone try and clean up a cheesie and get yelled at by the security guard. They were supposed to be there.  Every last one of those cheesie puffs, strategically placed amongst the glued together rocks was supposed to be there.  Why? I have no idea.  The meaning of the piece? I have no idea. The inspiration behind the piece? I have no idea.  What would happen if I chose to glue a bunch of things I spilled on my kitchen floor and sneak it into the Art Gallery? Probably being blacklisted from all Art galleries in Canada.


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