I feel guilty about the amount of time between this post and the last.  I know it’s only a week, and really, how narcissistic am I that I think people are actually waiting with bated breath about my posting? But for some reason, I just feel better about myself if I do, so indulge my scattered thoughts.

Ben and I put up our Christmas tree on Wednesday.  It was fun, and romantic and the beginning of a great tradition.  There will be more on this later in the week.

Ben and I are sick.  It sucks being sick.  But you know what sucks more than being sick? Being sick as the same time as your spouse.  Then it just becomes one big whine fest as we try to one up each other with sickness, so as to earn more sympathy.  And I feel like I got the shaft this time around.  Here I am yesterday, suffering from chills, fever, stuffy nose, aches, pains, and all I want to do is curl up on the couch in my sweats and have my husband wait on my hand and foot.  I thought I for sure had  this round of sickness sympathy.  And then he has to go and puke in the middle of the night.  Stomach sickness ALWAYS trumps cold/fever sickness, dang it. So, I’ve sucked it up, and brought him his gingerale, toast and “awww honey”‘s when he’s needed them. 

For the record, I still think I’m sicker, I mean, he only puked once….tomorrow will be my day I tell you! all mine!

In the midst of getting sick, we’ve had some of the busiest weeks ever, and that will continue for at least another week.  I had the privilege of attending a Canadian Youth Workers conference this weekend and Ben joined me today for a bit.  We didn’t get to take in as much as we wanted, due to being holed up in bed – but we eventually forged ahead, went to Toronto and took in a few sessions.  It was great.  I have a lot more to wrestle with, think through and be inspired by, and once again, I am humbled that I get to do this job. 

Conferences like this are also fun because it just becomes one big reunion of sorts.  It’s like taking all the Christians from the province/country and sticking them all in the same room.  Inevitably, everyone knows at least a bazillion other people from other churches, youth groups, camps, etc. While this is all good fun, it sure makes it hard to get from one seminar to the other without being stopped at least 4 times to have the same shallow conversation.

The conference this weekend was at a pretty posh hotel downtown Toronto.  The Washington Capitals and the Miami dolphins were staying there.  Which really didn’t mean much to me, except for at one point, as I visited with someone in the lobby, there were suddenly a dozen really tall, mostly white, broad shouldered men surrounding me, all dressed in suits with shirts and ties, with gashes on their face.  I felt as though I should be asking for autographs, except that I didn’t know who any of them were.  Some brush with fame eh?  Moments later, in walked a dozen not quite as tall, mostly black, really BIG, men with lots of bling and wearing blazers with a shirt underneath (no collared shirt or tie, because that’s not how they roll) and I knew once again, that I must be in the presence of more famous athletes.  Famous athletes who I’m sure had more money in their wallets at any given moment than I make in an entire year.  But again, do I know anything about the Dolphins? Nooooo.  Somehow, a story about seeing a bunch of unnamed famous athletes doesn’t quite seem so slick.

Not like my story about the time that Chris Pronger stared at me for like 2.5 seconds once on an airplane.  Seriously.  I know.  We’re pretty tight like that.

Well, I realize that this post is a tad on the dull side.  I’m ok with that.  I’m sick, tired, and should probably be working on the Sunday School lesson I need to teach tomorrow. 

 I’ll be back soon….and hopefully with something slightly more interesting than the fact that between Ben and I, we’ve had bodily fluids come out of pretty much every spot they can over the past 24 hours.


2 thoughts on “Randoms

  1. Kendall says:

    Here, use THIS card: once you’ve thrown up, you feel better don’t you? But that head congestion/cold/flu hangs on for DAYS!!!! So really, you should be getting the sympathy here. Seriously.

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