So what if Christmas was 36 days ago…it’s still blog-worthy right?

Well, I guess I’m a little slow on the up-take eh?  So what if it’s a month (and a bit) after the fact….Christmas is still in right? right?  (I know, I know…it is SO 2008 )

But anyway, since I did say I’d post about Christmas, and it was in fact a swell time, I thought what the heck, let’s throw a few pictures up here  and take a  little gander at the Christmas that was. 

A few days before Christmas actually came, Dallas (my older bro) came for a visit from Montreal.  It was great!  I happened to have a day off, and Dustin (my younger bro) was in town, so the three of us spent the day together, shopping, hanging out and catching up. Mom, Dad and Ben joined us after work and we had the  first (of several) Christmas gatherings. 


Then…came the masses.  Because neither Ben and I, nor Jo and Sarah could get to Nova Scotia for the holidays (due to work mostly), we talked Ben’s parents and siblings to come to Ontario.  And it was so great to have everyone together again!


We welcomed Rebecca home from BC in style…(and by “in style”, I mean that we thought we should put up streamers, and we foolishly left that task up to Jo and Ben)


We celebrated Dad B’s 50th birthday by doing all kinds of fun things. It started with ice cream cake (mmmm, sweet ice cream cake) the night before, and then on his actual birthday (the 24th), we spent the morning volunteering at Ben’s work.  (He works at a men’s shelter). 

We treated him to Thai food for lunch, and then we had planned a sleigh ride for the afternoon.  Sounds like a great idea right?  Yeah, we thought so too…until it decided to pour rain and sleet all day on Christmas eve.  But…we went anyway, because well, that’s just what we do.  And it was mostly fun.  Fun in a “I can’t believe it’s Christmas eve- and I’m sitting on a bale of hay- downwind from a horse that keeps crapping – while wearing a garbage bag that I’ve punched holes in for my head and my arms so as to keep my body mostly free of the ice wailing down from the sky” kind of way. ( I kid, I kid…it was a really special day despite the weather)



The entire Bokma clan trekked their way to Whitby Christmas eve night and we all celebrated Christmas together.  I must say it was really special to wake up and have both of my families (almost) in their entirety in the same house, celebrating Jesus’ birth. 

And what a better way to celebrate than have a sweet Christmas morning brunch.


And can we just pause and talk about how unbelievable this brunch was?  Mom definitely out did herself this time.  From the baked French Toast with pecans, to the ham, to the cinnamon buns, to the eggs, to the fruit….oh man.  I would encourage you to gaze at that photo for a few moments longer.

We then proceeded to open an abundance of gifts, play games, chill, go for a walk and enjoy an incredible Christmas dinner.  It was a great day.


Ben and Dustin were just a leeetle bit excited about their gifts…



Mid-present opening…


Don’t they look nice?


Jo and Sarah, the newliest-weds…


One of my gifts 🙂


The rest of the holiday was spent driving all over the province, visiting Sarah’s (Jo’s wife) family for a few days, hanging out in Hamilton with the Bokmas for the final days of the visit, and in general, just spending time with good friends. 

It was rich.  Busy, but so full and so rich.  I admit that most Christmases I end the holiday feeling more tired than when it began, and this one was no different but it’s ok. It’s usually because I’m up extra later hanging out with friends and family, laughing a little harder than normal, talking a little deeper than the usual rushed conversations, playing games while putting chores and tasks on pause for a bit, and just soaking in the holidays.  These days? They are good.


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