And the baby phase has officially begun…

No, not for us.  We’re still baby free and plan on being that way for a little while yet – but I think the “engagement/wedding” train has officially left the building, only to be replaced fast and furiously by babies.   Everyone said it would happen, but I guess I was kind of in denial still that it was here.  And to be fair, we still have our fair share of weddings on the slate – and not ALL my friends are pregnant…but I think what really sealed the deal was coming home from visiting our dear friends Phil and Sheena and their 4 day old Malakai on Saturday, only to open a facebook thread amongst some friends from youth group, and see that (of the 4 of us) 2 of them are expecting, and one has a baby. 

And it’s great!  Personally I love babies.  I love that I get to hold them and feed them and play with them.  We’re not quite there yet, and that’s ok , but boy was Saturday fun….

Ben having a heart to heart with Malakai


My favourite is when they just ball right up and sleep on your chest



I love this shot of him. It’s like he’s saying “really? we’re really gonna do this picture thing now?”


He has big beautiful eyes (that at the moment were a little jaundiced and cross eyed – but still so cute)


Phil and Sheena, we’re honoured to be your friends and love your son already!


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