I’m sure one day we’ll look back on this and laugh

So, as I eluded to in my previous post, we had a basement flood on Wed. night.  This is an annoyance in itself….but do you want to know what’s more annoying? WHEN YOU LIVE IN A BASEMENT APARTMENT. 

 So yes, our apartment flooded.  When I got home from youth on Wed. night, I noticed a puddle coming out from under the door of the room with the sump pump. “Crap” I thought.  “Ben even predicted this was going to happen (based on the torrential rains we’d been having, coupled with mounds and mounds of thawing snow), good thing he moved a few of our things off the floor of that room just the other night.  Well isn’t this annoying.  I better go get the mop and clean up this little, mess we have”.

So, then I got the mop and went back to the “small” puddle that had accumulated.  Well, apparently I TOTALLY missed the fact that the water had already completely filled the bathroom and was now inching its way into our bedroom.  Thankfully Ben got home at that exact moment, and it’s a good thing, because although I’m sure it will come as a surprise, I wasn’t terribly effective in “crisis management mode”.  I continued to mop, marvelling at the fact that it wasn’t really doing much….but yet continued to do that anyway. Oh and then the phone rang, so I answered it with a cheery “hello!”, and only then realized that maybe it wasn’t the best time to talk.  I’m pretty sure this is what I sounded like “flood….apartment….no, no, I can talk now….oh actually…maybe I can’t”

Ben, on the other hand, was furiously building dikes out of all of our towels (except the white ones…what a good husband he is), to try and prevent the water from going into other parts of our apartment.  That proved to be futile as the water just continued to seep into every single room in the apartment, and before you knew it, we were standing in 4 inches of water.   Thankfully, we’d gotten there in  enough time to stay on top of things, and got most of our stuff moved to higher ground.  And by higher ground,  I mean: piled everything on our couch.   I could go on and on, but frankly, that would be boring, so instead, I thought I’d summarize the rest of this story through the highlights (lowlights?) of the 5 hour ordeal that was Wed. night. 

 9:30 – got home from work, and started mopping in a futile fashion

9:35 – Ben shakes his head at me and actually does something productive and puts towels down.

9:45 – I call Service Master and explain we’re experiencing some flooding in the basement and will need some people to come remove the water.  I also pause when the receptionist asks “is this an emergency?”, because I think to myself, “well, no, not really…no one is hurt, and it’s only a few inches of water”…Thankfully Ben could hear her and answered YES on my behalf, because apparently, I’m incapable of handling situations like these on my own.

9:45-11:00 – Wait for Service Master to arrive and keep moving all of our things to higher ground

10:15 – I’m kind of giddy.  “What an adventure!! Isn’t this cool??” I think to myself.

10:16-  That feeling quickly passes as my feet become numb from being in freezing cold water for hours on end.

10:18 – We email our landlords who are on vacation, and tell them to get a hold of us ASAP.

10:24 – I see a few Dutch Blitz cards go floating past me that must have been hidden under the couch. Sweet!

10:35-  Our landlords write back and say “it’s late…we’ll call you in the morning”

10:36 – I write them back and say “I don’t think you understand when I say you have FOUR INCHES OF WATER IN YOUR ENTIRE BASEMENT….CALL ASAP”

10:40 – I then see a cheque that Ben asked me to cash that I thought I’d lost also float by me.  (This is turning into a profitable night!)

10:55 – Ben wisely points out that I should probably stop using my computer while at the same time having my feet immersed in water.  Something about electric currents or something.  So I pack up, with my computer in one hand and the phone in the other, and start walking from the kitchen to a dry spot.  It is here that I slip on the wet floor, and because my hands are full, I can’t brace myself.  I fall. HARD.  REALLY HARD.  I’m pretty sure my body was completely horizontal in the air, and then landed on the tile.  I whipped my neck back and whacked my head. The phone went flying, but I manged to keep my death grip on the computer and it stayed dry. 

10:56 – Ben helps me up.  I then BURST into tears.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a moment in my life where I’ve actually burst into tears before.  Usually I can feel them coming.  Nope, not this time. 

10:56-10:59 – I sob my way from the kitchen to our bedroom, and change into dry clothes.  Before this happens, I manged to drop the new outfit I was going to wear in the water.  I cry a bit harder and pick out something else.

11:00 – I suck it up, and realize that I can’t be a sucky baby in front of Service Master people, and they’re coming soon, so I get myself back into adventure mode.

11:10 – I realize that there are several socks, and pairs of underwear that had gotten brushed under our bed over time, floating around.  I start to think I should do a quick clean sweep of the place before Service Master arrives.  (Really Karmyn?? Your entire place is flooded and you think these guys are going to be worried about a pair of your gitch you left lying under the bed???”)

11:15 – Service Master arrives…and promptly tell us we need to get a plumber before they can do anything, because it would be futile to empty the water if the pump is still broken.   (They were great by the way and helped us figure a lot of stuff out)

11:20 – I see a ten dollar bill I’d thought I’d lost go floating by me (are you sensing a theme here??)

11:15-1:30 – A lot of standing around, trying to arrange things over the phone with our landlords, insurance, plumbers, etc.

Anyway – long story short (kind of), it was quite the night of chaos.  we are now living at the Holiday Inn, and will be for at least another week.  (Although we just upgraded to a jacuzzi suite)  We have to move, as our current place will take at least a month to repair. (they have to replace all the floors, and re-do the dry-wall).  We’re tired, but thankful that us and our things are ok.  We are also SUPER thankful for insurance, and are milking it for all it’s worth.  People in our church, and friends in general have been BEYOND great, offering us meals, places to sleep, hugs, little gifts, etc (more on this to come in another post…), and we do feel quite blessed. 

It will be an insane few weeks, as we have to figure out what stuff to keep, what stuff to claim through insurance, what to pack up and put in storage, what to keep out for the next month, where to move, finding an apartment, etc.  I’ll try keep you posted as we go, although I maybe, just maybe, will play the homeless card if I get too lazy to post.

Here’s a few pictures – they aren’t great – it’s hard to see the water on the ground. And I didn’t really take any past a certain time, so a lot more water had accumulated since these pics were taken.

Here’s the place about half an hour after we got home.  Behind that bookshelf (the tall black thing), to the right of the clock, there’s a hallway, where the water was coming from.  This is it inching its way through the rest of the place.  I think at this point, we thought this was the end of the water…couldn’t have been more wrong..


The bathroom


Ben’s towel dikes.  The pile of towels at the end on the left is by the room with the sump pump in it, so this is the area that flooded first.  The bathroom is the door on the left, and the bedroom is on the right.  You can also see the abandoned mop and bucket…



9 thoughts on “I’m sure one day we’ll look back on this and laugh

  1. Oh Karmyn, I’m so sorry this happened. Hilarious blog though… why do you have money hiding all over??? I wish I had that problem. 🙂 Good Luck dude… perhaps a trip to the mid-west would take your mind off and delay your need for a place to stay 🙂

  2. Luanne Bokma says:

    Hey Karmyn! Thanks for the details and pics of the night of the flood. Somehow you seem to make something not funny, amusing to read about! I felt your pain when you fell, hanging on tightly to you computer, and also when you dropped your dry clothes. )o: That must’ve really stunk. We trust and pray things will work out well for you and Ben and this is God’s way of providing a wonderful new place to call home for you both. We’ll be praying He provides the perfect spot. We love you lots and hope you are well. Enjoy the jacuzzi!!
    Hugs, Dad, Mom, and Sara

  3. Sheena says:

    Karm and Ben! I am so sorry about your apartment!
    We are praying for you guys!

    thanks for the post about Kai!!

    Love you guys!!

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