Let’s play a little game mmmmk?

When Karmyn woke up this morning, she couldn’t seem to get her right eye all the way open.

Was this because:

A) She was still SO tired, and was just having a hard time getting going?

B) She forgot that she was wearing a night shade, so really, she was opening her eye, but it just seemed so dark, she thought she wasn’t? (Silly Karmyn)

C) Her eye was fused shut from the CRUSTY, OOZY PUSS and SWELLING that overtook her eye during the night, seemingly due to an eye infection?

Well my friends, if you guessed C, than you’re a WINNER!!!! (Begin checking your mailboxes for an official prize from the people here at The Ongoings of Our Life)

Clearly, I can’t leave you without a picture – because this stuff is just too awesome to leave off the internet for the world to see. I will warn you however, that I took this picture as soon as I got up, so I think we can both agree that I’ve looked better.  Oh well. A while back I put up a picture of my butt eating my pants, so it can’t be worse than that. (And no, I will not hyperlink that for you….if you’re so curious, you can go looking for it yourself).


What this picture doesn’t show is the all the puss crusted in my eyelashes, but I guess I’ll spare you from a zoomed in shot, since I’m already making you stare at my unruly morning hair.  (well, and face for that matter).

I’ll be fine – nothing a few eye drops won’t fix.  And I’m thinking in the interim, while my eye is still swollen that I can probably tell people I got in a fight and boy, oh boy, you should see the other guy. 


6 thoughts on “Let’s play a little game mmmmk?

  1. furtherdowntheroad says:

    oh my.
    haha! Eye infections are the WORST.
    Hope it gets better asap….andddd that you have no more puss crust mornings!

  2. i am SO proud to call you my sister.
    and you wonder why i live all the way over here in BC…?
    hope you feel better. sorry for making light of all your medical maladies. i’m mean.
    i love you.

  3. i have such fond memories of sitting with a warm compress over my eye in order to get the puss to let go so that i could open one or both of my eyes without ripping out all of my eyelashes. gooood times.

    thank you, oh thank you for sharing that. and i’m glad you’re getting some days off and able to blog again.

  4. Heather says:

    Haha Karmyn!
    I love your blog and how amazingly hilarious your life is 🙂
    it is never boring!
    I have a special present for you – I got your email and will give you your present tonight on facebook 🙂
    Glad you’re ok!

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