An ode to the old school

Tonight I met up with these four lovely ladies for supper.

girls group 1

I have known these four for quite some time.  They all go to the church I went to back in Hamilton, and I was their small group leader for a bunch of years.  It all started back when they were in grade seven, and there wasn’t much going on for the jr. highs in our church.  Me and another girl started meeting with them weekly, mostly to eat chips, play games, and for maybe 10 minutes talk about something to do with God.  I was still in university, so we met at my dorm.  The next year, we moved our meetings to one of their houses, and the basement became ours. Our times still involved lots of laughs, games, and of course, more chips.  Soon, our talks were getting a little deeper, our times seemed rich and full of meaning, and our friendships grew.

girls group

(some of them at a wedding shower they threw me when I was engaged)

And then before I knew it, 5 years went by and now they’re almost in grade 12.  (Sheesh, talk about making me feel old).  I don’t see them too often, since moving to Oakville.  Our lives are all busy, taking different turns, filled with different activities, and it’s tougher for my path to cross theirs.  But tonight, for a few hours, we made it happen.  And it was great.  It was good to hear how they are doing, how their lives are and get the latest boy, school and sports updates.   But mostly? It was good just to be with them.  To be around a table all together.

It’s hard not to want to call them “my girls”.  I know I can’t take ownership of them. For goodness sakes, they are all so full of gifts,skill, abilities, beauty, and I know I had nothing to do with that.  But our times together were real, meaningful, and a time we all look at fondly, and so for tonight, it was a pleasure to see my girls again, like the good old days.

To you girls (and I know you creep me, so don’t even pretend like you won’t see this…):  Thanks for tonight.  The only things that were missing were Rachel’s chicken clucking and you all throwing me a goodbye party, even though I’m not going anywhere.   xo.


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