Another Genius Idea, Brought to You By Christy and Karmyn

To cap off a great weekend, Ben and I spent some time with two of our bests, James and Christy. 

(Side note: am I suddenly 16 again? Apparently I am, since I decided to describe 2 of our friends as my “bests”.  I might as well go the whole nine yards and add the ol’ “ies” on the end of that one.  And while I’m at it, I should check with my parental units and see if I’m even allowed to be on the computer this late.  Excuse me while I go take a quiz measuring my fashion I.Q.)

So, as I was saying, we were hanging out with James and Christy, enjoying dinner, games, and as per the usual, lots of laughing.  We were catching up on our lives and got on the topic of house buying.  I actually have lots of legit thoughts on this topic, none of which will make their way into this blog. (perhaps another one, in the near future). What we DID talk about however, was how flipping expensive houses are in the area we live in.  Ben and I happen to live in one of the richest cities in Canada (trust me, we don’t exactly contribute to maintaining that status), which means that the chances of us owning a home here are slim to none.  We’re cool with that – we don’t really need a house yet – but sometimes, just for fun I’ll still peruse MLS just to see what’s out there.

As we talked about the fact that the house where Ben and I live (we rent the basement) is worth somewhere in the ballpark of $600,000, and how the house where we now live is soon going up for sale (that is ALSO a blog post in itself, because yes, we most likely have to move…again..for the third time in a year…don’t EVEN get me started), we all got talking about how the four of us should just pool our money and buy the house together.  You know, that would only be a mere $300 000 per couple.  (HA!). 

Since this idea is entirely laughable, we got thinking about how we could begin to afford it, and my previous blog post came up.  The one about 21 ways to earn $100.  Well, Christy and I decided we could just adopt that idea, but change it just a bit.  So….we would like to introduce to you:

600 Ways to Earn $1000.

Eh??? eh??

When you say it that way, it actually sounds feasible right? And really, that’s only 300 ways per couple.  So really, Ben and I only need to concentrate on earning $1000 for three hundred days of the year – leaving us 65 days to just shoot the breeze.   Sounds like a plan right?  I know. I don’t know why we didn’t think of this one YEARS ago.

We also may or may not have crunched some numbers to figure out exactly how many pop cans we’d have to collect to earn our six hundred grand that way.  Just trust me when I say it would be A. LOT.

So, if you feel so inclined, you can help us out if you like.  I’d either suggest letting us know any and all ideas of how we can earn $1000 per day, or start drinking lots of pop. It’s up to you, really.


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