Because Sometimes, You Just Have to Laugh at Yourself

I am fully aware that I can pretty much control what goes on this blog.  I can write about all the good things in my life, I can brag about how great my husband is, and I can put up pictures that only show my good side.  Really, if I wanted, I could make you think my life is pretty close to perfect.

I hope I don’t do that.  Whether I know you or whether you stumbled across this blog somehow and have kept reading over the months, I really don’t want you to think that we have it all together, and that I always have my hair done and that me and Ben never fight. (Because we do! And they can be doozies!)  Most of the time, yes, things are really good, but just like your own life, there are days where I look and feel terrible. 

So as an ode to being authentic, I thought I’d share this little story with you.  A few years ago (right around Christmas, if I remember correctly), I had a big ol’ zit on my face.  But it wasn’t just in the normal spot like my cheek or forehead, this one, was in my nose.  The best part? It was a whitehead.  A BIG whitehead.  Big enough that it probably looked like I had a permanent booger just resting in the nook of my nostril.  (But people were too polite to tell me I guess). 

This fascinated me.  I don’t know too many people that get zits in their nose, and a whitehead at that.  I kept showing people (because let’s be honest, I knew they could already see it), I kept making Ben look at it, and I kept staring at it, watching it get bigger and bigger.  So finally, I did what any other self respecting person would have done.  I took a picture of it:

I don’t know what makes me laugh more.  The fact that I took a picture of it, or the fact that 3 years later I still have it and am posting it for all you to see.

You’re welcome.


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