Well, unless you live under a rock, I’m sure you’re well aware of the tragedy to strike Haiti this week.  I’m not sure the word devastating even begins to cover the magnitude of what happened.

I have no words of wisdom, in fact, I don’t even really have any articulate thoughts.  But if you live in my area, I do have a way you can help if you’re still figuring out how you can respond.  Our church has a connection to a shipping company that will be sending supplies down on Tuesday.  If you have any of the following items and can get them to me by Monday (the 18th), we can include them in the shipment:

  • Bedding
  • Sleeping bags
  • Blankets
  • Clean clothes of any kind
  • Shoes
  • non-perishable food items
  • Soap (not liquid)

You can comment or email me and we can figure out how to get the stuff from you to me. Join me in praying for peace, healing and comfort for Haiti will you?


One thought on “Haiti

  1. Karm,

    I’ve got a bunch of that stuff. Can we drop it at your place sometime? We can even just put it in your stairwell or somethin..or if you are comin by our place well….you’ve got a key 😉 I’m not sure what we are doing this weekend and where we’ll be when but I would love to get you some stuff for Haiti.

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