It’s Olympics time again, and we all know that means I’m spending far too much time in front of my t.v., living vicariously through the lives of athletes who are probably way too busy keeping their bodies in epic shape to even watch t.v.

So this also means I don’t really want to peel my eyes away from the screen to blog, but seeing as Canada just won a nail-biter against the Swiss in Men’s hockey, I guess I have a few moments. Let’s get onto the randoms shall we?

It’s no secret I’m a tear-er upper, but sheesh these Olympics are really getting to me. From every stinking medals ceremony Canada has had, to the moments when the crowd cheered their guts out when the Georgia team entered the opening ceremonies, to when they panned to Alexandre Bilodeau’s brother and how ecstatic he was when Alex won the gold.    I’m really running out of excuses here people – “I’ve got something in my eye” only works so many times.

We had an awesome family day weekend this past weekend! It was so restful, lots of fun, and a great mix of Ben and I time, time with others, rest and activity.  On the Monday, we went cross country skiing with Jo and Sarah (Ben’s bro and his wife).  I’ve only done cross country skiing twice in my life, and both when I was 14….sooooo, let’s just say I did lots of falling.   I still really enjoyed myself though.  The weather was amazing; bright, sunny, and warm.  The company was even better (it’s always a good time with Jo and Sarah), and we got great exercise, skiing around 14 km’s.  The only downside of the day was that it served as a reality check that I’m never going to make it to the Olympics for the Biathalon, which really, could ruin anyone’s day.

I’m not usually one to post links to videos/websites/things I think are funny, important, valuable, but I’m about to do just that.   I’ll warn you, it’s not funny and probably won’t make you think about an important social issue, but I happen to think it’s just really really cute.  So if you’re not down with cute things, don’t check it out, but if you are – seriously, head on over to Whoorl and watch her son sing about his favourite things, in an effort to make himself feel better because he was so sick.

In May, I’ll be starting the Arrow Leadership program, which is a program geared at Christian leaders in ministry, (aged 25-40).  Today I had a  conference call with the people who will be in my class (people from around North America)  and now I’m so pumped! As I suspected, I am on the lower end of the age and experience spectrum, and 1 of 3 women (in a class of around 20), but I’m a lot less intimidated than I thought!  I think it will be an intense time of learning about myself, being mentored and poured into, and discovering how I can lead more like Jesus, and it is such a privilege to have this opportunity.  Plus? Twice a year I get to spend time out in BC, which, in my books, is a pretty big bonus.

And, just because this blog has been pictureless lately – here’s a sneak peek of our Bokma family weekend which was at the end of Jan.  I really do want to blog about it, but…the Olympics….


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