This post is shameless filler

I’ve been living in one of the busiest seasons of life lately, and this week was particularly insane. After tomorrow, I will have at least a few days to breathe, but until then, I think you and I can both admit things have been weak around here.

So, in a shameless attempt to keep people wanting to read this blog, I figured I’d better put something up here.

I thought this was cool. So maybe you will to.  You probably won’t if you despise everything about current popular music, but even then, it offers a pretty good picture into what society deemed “relevant” and “cool” this past year.  Interesting.  Some good, most not so good.

Although I will say, this four minutes pretty much sums up anything I heard on the radio this past year (well, other than CBC…).  Sure could have saved my ears the 400 hours of having to hear the same songs over and over again.


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