Date Night

Sunday afternoon marked the end of what was a realllllllly busy week for me.  On top of our usual goings on of the week, I had a big church shin-dig Friday night to help out with, a multiple youth group event Saturday afternoon to plan and execute, and a sermon to preach on Sunday.

At church this week, our Dominican Team took charge of the service and we shared our experiences, showed videos (I’ll post our video soon), told stories, and I gave the message.  It was a good morning, but it did take a lot of prep time, which was something I didn’t have much of this week.

Anyway, all that to say, after Sunday afternoon, I was finally free to take an evening and not have to plan ahead for the next day.  So I said to Ben, since we finally have time to hang out, and since I’ve pretty much neglected you all week, why don’t you pick what we do tonight.

We debated seeing a movie (Date Night to be exact), but missed all the show times that were close to us. We talked about going out for dinner (we have a plethora of gift cards at our disposal right now – which is nice!), but neither of us were hungry enough for a nice meal out (we can’t waste them! We’ve gotta be hungry, yo)

So we decided on bowling and out for ice cream at Marble Slab.  We also happen to have 5 free games of bowling that we got at a fundraiser auction, as well as free ice cream at said location.  (Apparently, we love the free stuff).

So we trucked it on down to the bowling alley, and settled in for a few rousing games of 5 pin bowling.  Now, I’m not sure if you and I have discussed my bowling skills, but it’s a pretty short conversation.  I have none.  (ok, that’s not entirely true, I can usually get a few pins down each turn).  But have I mentioned yet, that the place we went is owned by people in our church, and every couple of minutes they would come by to chat, and stop and watch us?  Yeah, because that’s not intimidating at all.

Or, did I mention that we were the only ones in the bowling alley who weren’t a part of a league? Meaning that every other lane was chalked full of bowling pros?  Awesome.

It really wasn’t that bad, once I got over the fact that I can’t in fact be awesome at everything, and well, if people want to watch me suck, they can.  But let’s discuss Ben for a moment mmmk?  Ben is one of those people who is just really good at pretty much whatever he does. (including all sports) He’s pretty good at bowling, and 9 times out of 10, he’ll beat me.

well, on Sunday night, people it was RIDICULOUS.  In 10 frames, he scored 9 strikes.  His final score was 314.  Apparently, that’s actually quite good.  Good enough that the owners from the alley said he would qualify for the 300+ bowling tournament (not that he’ll actually play in the tournament….)  And also good enough that the owners of the alley called over several of the professional league players to talk about him “hey guys! A walk in just scored a 314”.

And so, in true Ben fashion, he asked for a printout of the scores, which now is proudly affixed to our fridge.  (Feel free to come over and have a gander).  I was proud of him. Even if it did make my 101 look that much more piddly.

We headed to Marble Slab Creamery for some free ice cream, and just walked downtown soaking in the amazing night air.  It was a perfect date night, and the perfect reward for a week of hard work.


2 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Sheena says:

    Ummm… I’d like to make a correction to this post… Karmyn Bokma you are infuriatingly good at just about EVERYTHING…. so no sulking about how good your”good at everything” husband is k?
    You are both incredible… and I’m jealous… so let me sulk k?
    Love you,

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