So…it’s been a while. And to be honest, I’m not really going to post much now – but let’s just say life has been so busy.  I have exciting things to share, but won’t do it now.

I’m currently sitting on an island in BC participating in my Arrow Leadership Program.  This is my first of 4 classes (that happen over a 2 year period), and there’s lot of homework in between each one.  Hence the lack of blogging. Turns out that I still happen to be a procrastinator and had a lot of assignments to finish up last week (including reading 4 books and writing 2 papers…)…

Anyway – even after day 1 I can tell that this is exactly where I’m supposed to be.  It’s going to be an intense few years of learning about myself, growing as a leader and putting into practice the things I’m learning, but I’m so excited for the whole thing.

Plus – this is the view from my room.  Literally, I just stepped outside my door and snapped these pictures. Can’t ask for a better spot to process life than right here.


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