The End of a (not so exciting) Era

Ben and I have almost been married 4 years now.  (in 12 days to be exact…stay tuned for Four…) In that time, we’ve lived in three different apartments.  Our first two years we had a kick ass place in Hamilton which we loved.  Seriously, I miss that place on a weekly basis.  It was such a blessing to find and we were able to really make a home out of it.

We moved to Oakville in the summer of 2008 and since then it has been a wee bit of a gong show.  We actually spent the summer of 2008 with allllll of our earthly possessions in storage, while we house sat for a few months, saving us thousands of rent dollars.  Over the months of June-August, we lived in 6 different places (with one as our home base).

We moved into a basement apartment that fall, thinking we would be there for the next couple of years. Well…..we ended up being there there for 6 months before we were flooded out. (Feb 2009)

So, we hastily moved again, settling into what we thought would be our home for the next couple of years, only to be told 6 months later (August 2009) that our landlords were selling the house, so we might have to move.

Thus began the worst 6 months of our living situation thus far.  Since they had the house on the market, they CONSTANTLY had people coming through our place checking out the house.  There was often miscommunication, meaning WE were left out of the loop and wouldn’t always know when people were scheduled to come through, which meant they would show up at random times.  Such as, oh, I don’t know, when I’m SLEEPING IN MY BED. That was probably the lowest moment, when I was startled awake by a strange man peering in my bedroom door.  And people, not to divulge too much information over this blog-o-sphere, but let’s just say I don’t exactly wear a floor-length nightgown.

It was terrible.  I didn’t blog about it much because frankly, it just made me really grumpy at our living situation and we were really trying to make the best of it.

Anyway – it took MONTHS to sell, and when it finally did (Feb 2010), we found out that the new owners didn’t want to keep us.  Meaning, yes, once again, we have to move.

I didn’t blog about that either, because I really needed to get my heart and head in the right place and didn’t just want to use this blog as a big ol’ complain-fest.  Funny enough, 2 years in a row, on the exact same day (Feb 13th) I was crying about my living situation, and it took a little while for me and God to talk through some things.  But after a while, it came, and God gave us peace about having to move….AGAIN.

There were so many thoughts swirling around our hearts in those days, and a lot of me asking God why he would ask us to move to Oakville (for my job), only to be put through such grief for so long.  The thought of packing up our things one.more.time and moving into another crappy, more expensive apartment just seemed too much for me, and yet at the same time, who am I to complain? We see SO many people with SO much less, and God has never left us without.  We have always had a roof over our heads and more importantly, so many people who love us and care for us and we deal with move, after move, after move.  I definitely have learned some things the past two years, and I hope that those lessons stick with me.  (Because sheesh, I really don’t want to have to learn them again 🙂 )

Anyway – all that to say, we think things are finallllllly coming to an end.  Ben and I bought a house.  We are SO thankful for the ability to be able to actually do that, and SO excited about this next chapter in our lives.  We’re hoping we actually get to stay put for a few years and settle for a while, and we’re SO excited about the place we bought.

We move in a month (!), and I can’t wait to make this place a home.  When Ben and I first got married, one of our values was to always have a welcoming home.  We did that in practical ways (like having our fridge stocked with food and drinks in case we had drop in visitors),  and by hosting fun evenings of games, movie nights, home church, etc.  I feel like we’ve lost a  bit of that, and I’m excited to regain this again.

For those of you who care, here are some details.  (I don’t have pictures yet…):

  • Freehold home (don’t bother asking me the square footage, I have no idea)
  • 2 story house
  • Living room, kitchen, dining room and family room, bathroom on main floor
  • 3 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs
  • There’s a basement apartment (woo hoo for extra income!!!)
  • It’s entirely pink. So let’s just say we’ll be painting.

We are currently recruiting for the roles of:

  • Painters extraordinaire
  • Heavy Lifters
  • People who have usesable arms and legs and like to move things.

If you live in the area, we would love to have you over.  Our fridge will hopefully be stocked with drinks and food and you’re welcome to any of it.   Let the BBQ parties begin!


3 thoughts on “The End of a (not so exciting) Era

  1. furtherdowntheroad says:

    What a whirlwind! I think the best part is that you have a basement apt…and because all you’ve been through, you’re both going to be the BEST landlords.

    Also, I’m a good painter and would love to help you banish the pink!

  2. courtney says:

    grandma told me you bought a house!! congrats! i wish i lived closer, i love to paint 🙂

    can’t wait for pictures!

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