Serves Me Right I Guess

Well, that may be the last time we ever pick a paint colour that reminds us of diarrhea.

We took possession of our house on Friday, and have spent several hours prepping, painting, taping, painting more, and me trying to find sneaky ways of making it look like I’m working, when really I’m just wandering around.  We are thrilled with our new home, and even more excited about how it’s shaping up.  I kind of forgot what a difference a can of paint can really make, and we LOVE LOVE LOVE how it’s looking.

Already we have been so blessed by friends who have given so generously of their time to help us.

(as a side note: I’ve realized how hard it is for me to accept help from others – and this moving process has really brought that to light.  I’m not sure why that is, but I think I just feel like people probably have at least 23 more interesting things they could be doing than hanging out with me, helping out, and I’ve realized that is a dumb assumption and have  been learning so much about people and their good will.)

Anyway – all that to say – it is SO appreciated and has actually made this whole moving process so much richer. On Saturday, we had Cait and Christy (who I’d like to link to here, but she doesn’t have a blog.  But really, she should.  She’s super funny, witty and intelligent.  Heck, I’D read her! *Hint hint*)  and her husband James over.  My parents spent most of their Sunday with us, painting and tomorrow I have another friend coming out to help.  We’ve made SO much progress and can’t believe how much we’ve actually done. (And yes, I will post before/after pics soon!)

But I’ve digressed.  The real point of this post was to lament my choice of the diarrhea colour.   As much as we love all of the colours we picked (which is a huge relief), I have to be honest when I say I’m not too sure about the diarrhea colour. (It’s actually called Henna and is a yellow-y colour….so I can probably stop using the word diarrhea in my blog now).  I know, I shouldn’t be surprised right? But the thing is, I might like it, I just don’t know yet….we think we got a defective can of paint, so it’s been hard to tell.

The kicker is that the paint is too liquid-y and  runny.  So it doesn’t go on the walls too well and looks pretty ugly at the moment.  Hopefully after a new (and free?) can, and a few more coats we’ll be able to get a better idea.   The best part about this whole paint debacle is that it was the diarrhea colour that ended up being runny.

Ironic? Yes.  Hilarious? Yes.  Am I 12? Yes.


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