I’m not dead

Although judging by how often I’ve been blogging, you might think so.

What can I say – it’s summer time, and the pull of cottages, ultimate frisbee, campfires in the backyard with a glass of wine, friends, family and birthdays have taken over the time I would usually spend blogging.   I’m ok with this.  And I’m guessing many of you are in the same boat – choosing to spend far more time outside and with friends than reading what I have to write.  And I’m ok with that too.

Anyway – I did intend on writing some things that just never got written.  I hope they still will.  In particular – the fact that my dad turned 60.  I think that deserves some blog time no? I also turned 28.  Not really a momentous age, but still, I have thoughts on the topic nonetheless.

But as of tomorrow, I’m off to Nova Scotia for a much needed, much anticipated holiday.  I’m SO excited to road trip with Ben (and you better believe I’m stocked up on our car snacks), and I’m SO excited to see so many loved friends and family once we’re there.

I can’t promise I’ll blog while I’m away, but if the last few years have taught me anything.  There is ALWAYS good blog material after spending 18 straight hours in a car with Ben.


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