You want to know about our trip? Ok, you asked for it.

We have been home now for 5 days, and the only remnants left of our trip are 2 of the cookies that mom sent home for us, the bites at the back of my leg (we’ll get to that in a minute), the sea glass we collected at the ocean, and the extra 6 pounds that I gained. (I really wish I could say I was joking about that one).

So, in honour of keeping the vacation alive, here’s a little recap of some of things we did/saw/experienced over our 2 weeks away:

Drove 18 hours.  It’s not a glamorous drive.  Because we drive straight through, we basically just take turns driving and sleeping. This means that when you’re driving, you’re booooored, because the only person you can talk to in the car has to sleep.  This also means you can’t listen to the radio or music, because that other person needs to sleep.  This fact is exacerbated when your husband DRAINS your mp3 player on his driving shift, meaning that my first driving shift from 2-8 am was in.complete.silence.   But it was ok.  I actually really love driving the night shift.  Just me, an open road, talking to God, and thinking through my random thoughts.  Oh and the snacks. Let’s not forget the continual stream of snacks I had going on.  Fact: You can’t fall asleep if your mouth is moving.  Fact: Sunflower seeds are what keep me awake.  Fact: I WILL spill my cup of empty seed shells at least once during the middle of the night.

Milked a lot of cows.  If you weren’t aware, Ben’s family runs a dairy farm.  Ben also has 2 boy cousins and a brother who are close to him in age, and who are all married.  (To girls from Ontario) And somewhere along the line I opened my big fat mouth and said that when all the other girls came out to visit their boyfriends (now husbands), they got to milk…except me.  So, out to the parlour we went.  Where many-a-teat I squeezed.  (Boy, never thought you’d read THAT sentence on my blog now did you?)  But it was fun…I’d do it again.

Swam profuse amounts. In pools, the ocean, rivers, lakes and swimming holes.  Nova Scotia holds so much natural beauty, and we took full advantage of that on this trip.

Ate donairs.  (just Google it) Ben is quite passionate about this food.  And Nova Scotia donairs are different than donairs other places, so although Ontario sells them, they just aren’t the same.  So we take advantage of our time at home in NS and eat them several times a visit.  This trip was no exception.

Got eaten alive.  What you probably don’t know is that bugs love me.  If there is even one mosquito within a 100km radius of where I am, it WILL find me.  And so one night, while Ben and I were enjoying coffee and great conversation with his old pastor and wife in their backyard, the mosquitos found me and feasted.  Ben didn’t get bitten once.  It’s also a fact that I swell up when I get bitten.  I didn’t take a picture of that, but basically, my leg looked like a deformed balloon.  These pictures are from a few days later.   I still have the marks on my leg.  So if you’ve seen me since coming home, know that I didn’t contract some weird disease and we can still touch.

Had fabulous times with family and friends. A family from our church joined us for a week of our trip, which was great fun.  And as per usual, there are several dozen Bokma family members to see, and we had great visits with many of them.

Picked blueberries.  Ok, so that was just a by-product out of a great visit with my birth mom and her partner.   But it’s true. They farm blueberries, and so we got first dibs.

Enjoyed being married.  I know, that’s a weird thing to say. But there’s something so refreshing about getting away from ordinary life as a couple.  We had so much fun together and were able to have some great times just the two of us.

(I think Ben’s squinting, not trying to pull a cheesy face…)

All in all, a great vacation. Only 360 days until the next one.  (ok, ok, that’s kind of an exaggeration…)


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