Because This Blog Isn’t Just a Pretty Face

Now I will be the first to admit that I would way rather spend an evening watching a good tv show than cleaning my kitchen (but really, would anyone pick the reverse situation??) , so I don’t really have a nifty little back pocket filled with tricks of the trade.  Sure, I’ve gotten the same email forwards you have that tell you the 87 amazing uses for vinegar, and how to best get stains out of the carpet. (And boy do I spill stuff…), but on a day in, day out basis I consider it a good day if the dishwasher gets loaded. (Remember this? Oh am I glad those days are over)

But anyway – since the reality is  that things do need to get cleaned, and since I actually had to clean a heck-a-lot tonight, I thought I’d share this little nugget that my mom told me this weekend. We are putting the finishing touches on the basement apartment in our house because our new tenant is moving in tomorrow (yahoo! we have a tenant – and she seems awesome).  So I found myself cleaning.  I got to the microwave, popped it open and groaned at the crusty, year old pasta sauce splatters that I saw.  But then I remembered! That helpful little nugget my mom told me this weekend (that I kind of only half listened to, because let’s be honest, I clean my microwave maybe twice a year) came back to me.  And it had to do with cleaning your microwave!

So in the name of making life easier for all of us, here it is:

When you need to clean your microwave, put a damp cloth in there, let it cook for 1 minute, and when you go to wipe down those crusty walls, the crap just comes RIGHT off.  And I’m so down with crap coming right off.

thanks mom.


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