Perhaps too soon, but I really don’t care

So I know it’s barely December 1st, and to be honest, I thought my post for this day would be celebrating the glorious end of Movember.  But thanks be to the Lord above, my husband did not participate this year!

So, that leaves me with this space to talk about something else. Christmas music!  It’s true that I’ve already busted out a few of my favourite CD’s and have slowly started to integrate them into our repertoire, but there’s one song in particular that I’ve been jonesing for lately.  So, that means I’ve been listening to it a lot.  I think I love it because the lyrics focus on what is possibly my favourite “angle” to the whole Christmas story.  (Angle is the wrong word, but I’m not really sure what to call it…)

The part that gets me every time is the humility of the whole thing. Sure, there were angels and shepherds and wisemen and gifts and a messiah was born, but man was it ever done in the most humble way possible.  It still stirs my heart to think of the way Jesus , who lived in full fledged glory, came to this earth to begin the greatest story of redemption.  And no matter what ways I get distracted each Christmas season (and believe me, I usually do….most likely by cheesy Christmas specials on tv), thinking back to that grounds me time after time in why we celebrate this season after all.  So listen, and be reminded that this season is intensely personal for you.  Because the God of the Universe chose this Christmas story to show you love in human form.  May you be blessed by that thought!


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