Magical Mystery Tour

So, we have great friends.  I mean really, all around Ben and I are surrounded by great people.  You’re probably one of them. (no, really, you probably are)

2 of those friends (James and Christy) did something really great for us this weekend. A while back, they sent us an email saying that they wanted to take us on a mystery weekend, we just had to let them know when we were free. So, this past weekend, we packed everything they asked us to (even though we suspected they were just trying to throw us off the scent….turns out, we really didn’t NEED our skates, bathing suits OR passports!) , and waited for them to pick us up.

Honestly, I didn’t really care where we ended up.  The fact that they took the effort to plan a mystery night away, and carve out time to spend with us spoke volumes to how much they care for us. (And as you all know, I LOVE surprises) So, they picked us up, we loaded up the car, and before we’d even left our subdivision, they had a theme song for the weekend playing: Magical Mystery Tour.

Seriously? They even planned a THEME SONG.

So anyway, we started driving, and even though they kept convincing us we were headed “stateside”, we kept driving north.  It took a while, but we finally realized where we were really headed.  Our final destination? Christy’s mom’s house. I’ve been saying for years to Christy that I would love to see where she grew up, and being the good friend she is, she remembered that request. I think there is something really special about catching glimpses of your friends’ lives before you were in it. You see a new part of what shaped them into who they are now.   Soooooo, I guess this is my way of asking you to invite me to your parents house. (That’s cool right??)

You guys, we had such a fun time away! They took us to a yearly tradition in her hometown – a festival of lights display in the downtown.    We stayed up late, slept in, ate Bonnie’s delicious food, played games, hiked, laughed a lot and just in general, had a great time.

I think it was at about 4 pm on the Saturday, as we were gathered around the dining room table, drinking coffee, while the Nylons Christmas CD played in the background that I remarked “this is the best way to spend a weekend”. 

So thanks you guys.  We are honoured to be the kind of friends you take to your mom’s house.  And thankful to have the kind of friends who plan surprises for us, just cause.




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