I think once upon a time I actually used to write here

Yeah, so it’s been a while.  And usually what happens when it’s been a while is that it actually gets harder to write a blog.  Because the more time that passes, the more stuff there is to write about, and then it just gets more daunting.

Especially considering the fact that the time that passed just happened to be Christmas and New Year’s.  Shouldn’t I have written 6 posts by now about how great everything was, a reminiscent post about the year 2010 and the goals I’ve set for myself in 2011?

yeah, probably.

But I have a sinking feeling that it isn’t going to happen.  And so I figured instead of letting all of those figurative posts hold me back, I’d just ignore them and get on with this blog.  The posts may come, and in fact, we did have an amazing holiday.  And of all the year’s for me to talk about my goals for the year, this would be the one (my Arrow leadership course has me making all kinds of goals, and I would like to share them here).

But until they get written, I figured I should at least break the blog ice.  So this is me, doing that.

And I sincerely hope that the remainder of my 2011 posts are not nearly as lame as this one.

Happy New Year everyone!


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