Things That are Cool

Now this list isn’t the definitive “Karmyn has claimed these things to be cool so they are” list.  There just things that I’ve noticed seem to be “in” lately.  I haven’t tried them all, don’t do half of them, and let’s be honest, I’m not what you’d call on the cutting edge of style, hobbies, food or…pretty much anything.  But as I’ve read blogs, talked with friends, perused facebook and just lived my life as a twenty-something, these things seem to come up an awful lot.

So, without further ado….the things that I noticed seemed to be cool in 2010.  (What a title eh??)

  1. Cupcakes.  Pretty much anything to do with them.  Starting your own cupcake business, buying them by the 1/2 dozen from a gourmet bakery (which means they come with a large mound of swirly icing), placing them on a cupcake tree for any kind of celebration but particularly a 1 year old’s birthday party, and of course, cupcakes of the red velvet variety. (which I’ve never eaten!)
  2. Buying things on Etsy.
  3. Becoming a mom and then starting your own photography business.
  4. Blogging (eh? eh? what I do is cool….right guys??)
  5. Fair trade coffee.
  6. Mumford and Sons.
  7. Being healthy.  This involves staying in shape through things like running long distances, doing hot yoga, or going to things like Boot Camp or Crossfit.  It also involves eating much more organic food.  Cutting out white, refined sugar for things like agave syrup or honey, and not eating as much meat.
  8. Anything with a little i in front of it.  Seriously you can take pretty much any noun, put a little i in front of it, and it’s supposedly cool.  At least that’s what the marketing world has pathetically been trying to do the past few years.  So, I guess this makes it more lame than cool.  Unless that noun behind the i makes it something legit, like say…. “phone4”
  9. Watching a major sporting event and updating your facebook status every 10 minutes during said game.
  10. Eating food that comes from a small, ethnic restaurant in the downtown core of whatever city/town you’re a part of.
  11. Ultimate Frisbee (can I get an amen?)
  12. Book Clubs.
  13. Grey’s Anatomy.  But it’s only cool if you call it grey’s.  (And does it make me really un-cool if I admit I’ve never seen an episode?)

Well, there you have it.  I was going to make this list all nice and complete by providing 2 more list items, but then, I got kind of lazy.  What can I say? It happens to the best of us.

So…what am I missing?


3 thoughts on “Things That are Cool

  1. Karen says:

    HAHA! Love it Karm! I really laughed at #10 due to our conversation earlier today. “Where should we go to eat?” Me: “I feel like some Thai or Indian, maybe somewhere downtown?” Also, Neil is totally guilty of updating his status during sports games, and I’m also guilty of the cupcake trend and book club! lol Just sayin’ (which could also be on the list.)

    What else I would add? Starting your FB status with “Dear….. (man who lives next door, bad cold, show you’re watching, etc). And, instead of becoming a photographer after babies, starting your own business or selling something like Pampered Chef. I’m sure I’ll think of more. Fun!

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