Ben’s sister Sara is visiting us from Nova Scotia.  I feel honoured that she would give up her  college reading break to spend it with us and we’ve had a fantastic time. (And that, my friends is my excuse for not blogging for 10 days….even though she’s only been here for 4…)

I won something! And before I tell you WHAT I won, I just want to say that it doesn’t actually matter what.  What is important here is that I WON! I NEVER win.  Ever.  Except for when I was 6 years old and won a beach towel in a colouring contest at our local grocery store. (It was a Kellogg’s towel).  I was SO stinkin’ proud.  And I owned and used that towel until I was 26 years old. Yes, that IS 20 years.  And the only reason I stopped using it, was because it got wrecked when our house flooded.  That’s how big of a deal it was for me that I won something.  (talk about needing to let go of material possessions eh?) ANYWAY, as I was saying I won!  What did I win exactly? A $50 gift card to McDonalds.  Kickyboots (a blog I really enjoy reading) hosted a giveaway, and I thought “what the heck, I might as well leave a comment…” So shout out to Amanda for increasing my winning streak to 2 in 28 years.  So, it’s at this point that I should probably point out that I don’t exactly frequent McDonald’s very often.  BUT, I’m sure I’ll find some use for the $50.  (I AM a youth director after all…)

On a completely (un)related note – I love taking people out for coffee.  And I’m itching to spend this $50 in a way that doesn’t have me scarfing down Big Macs like they’re going out of style.  Care to be treated?

Valentine’s Day: It came. It went.  I knew this year we probably wouldn’t celebrate ON the actual day, since we had Ben’s sister with us (and our three person candlelight dinner was A LOT of fun! 🙂 ) but I did think ahead and get Ben a card and chocolate.  My big plan was to have them sitting by our bed for when he woke up, to be greeted by a love note and his favourite chocolates.  What REALLY happened was I forgot about them, and remembered the morning of, while we were hanging out in our room with Sara and she wished us a happy valentine’s day.  I then said “oh crap!” and grabbed the plastic shopping bag from under the bed where I’d hidden it and dug out the chocolate I’d gotten for each of them.  I then meekly admitted I’d bought Ben a card, but he’d have to wait for me to write in it. (Yet to be done) . Sigh – wife of the year over here.

Well, people.  I think that’s all I have for you tonight.  So in short: We have a really great sister (in law). I won a contest.  I want you to help me celebrate my winnings.  I’m not so hot at being a romantic wife.  Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “Randoms

  1. Christy says:

    ummm…. I would care to be treated to a mcflurry. oreo. mmmm…
    congrats lady.

    do you know what I missed a LOT this past week? Doing angels and mortals with you. Oh the glory, oh the red faces of awkward admin people being serenaded…oh the pizza box angel wings….

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