An ode to the Long Weekend.

This weekend was one of those weekends where although so wonderful, and filled with great things, has left me wishing there was another weekend right around the corner. We packed a lot into a short amount of time, and now, I’m pooped.  But it’s a good kind of pooped I guess. The kind where you can let your head hit the pillow at night knowing you crammed a lot in, and all of it was good.

What did we do you ask?

Friday after work we drove up to Wasaga Beach and spent a jam packed 24 hours with a great group of friends from Redeemer, at one of their cabins.  (but not before driving through treacherous conditions…I’ve seriously never experienced a legit white-out before…sheesh those things are scary)

We played games, cooked our meals on the wood stove, skated, played hockey, laughed a lot, enjoyed the kids that are gradually joining our crew, and just in general had a wonderful time away.

We left Saturday evening (after spending the day checking road conditions, since all the main roads back to Toronto were closed all morning…), and headed home.  (we were sad to leave everyone early, but had other commitments!)

I guest-spoke at a church Sunday morning, and had a great time sharing with a new group of people.  A good friend of ours works at that church, and so we enjoyed catching up with him and his family over lunch.

I napped.  Oh the sweet nap.  Under our heated blanket on our bed.

I watched Ben play in his indoor ultimate frisbee game.  I love watching him play for lots of reasons. 1) He’s good at any sport he tries, and sometimes, it’s just nice to be the proud wife on the sidelines.  2) He’s realllllly tall, and it’s also fun watching him grab pretty much any disc out of the air while on defense.  3) He’s quite good looking.

I whipped out to the drug store during his game and bought us new toothbrushes, since we forgot ours at the cabin and on Sunday morning, had to share the 1 extra that we had.  Which is one of the top things that grosses me out.  The thought of me scraping off all the plaque on my teeth, and then passing that brush onto him to rub all over his teeth doesn’t really do it for me for some reason.

After his game we drove across Toronto and headed to my parents to soak in the last 24 hours of our long weekend.  We watched a movie (Unknown – pretty good!) read, slept in, had a brunch, napped, played speed scrabble (where in 1 game I managed to have both the words “Helix” and “Queer” in the same puzzle) Yeah, I’m awesome.  I also cleaned out my closet  from when I lived at home.  And LET ME TELL YOU – there were some GEMS in there. Hoo boy were there ever.  From old pictures, to things I CLEARLY thought were important to keep when I was 16 (Like my “blood born pathogens” quiz from health class….?) – it was a great walk down memory lane.  It also meant that I came home with a bunch of crap stuff, while my mom silently rejoiced that her house is slowly and finally becoming her own.

We got home at 11:45 pm, whereupon I had the grumpies, knowing that I had just had an extended weekend, but all that really meant was I had a shorter amount of time this week to get stuff done.

But, even though I had a short lapse of grumpy crotchety attitude, it was sincerely a wonderful weekend.  I spent rich time with friends and family, got to exercise and grow in my teaching gifts, had 2 naps, wonderful food, and an extra day with Ben.  So here’s to long weekends! I hope you enjoyed yours too!

(that is….if you got one.  Too bad for you if you’re one of the poor suckers that lives in a province that doesn’t have family day!)


One thought on “An ode to the Long Weekend.

  1. You know what I did on Monday?
    I taught spelling. And then social studies, then some math. But wait. It gets better. After lunch (where I supervised detention hall) I taught some grammar and then reading. And you’d think that would be enough fun for a Monday! But it wasn’t. After that I walked home and then drove up to my second job.

    Family day should be a NATIONAL holiday. Apparently BC doesn’t care about families the same way Ontario does.

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