My, it’s been a while.

So two weeks eh? I figured I’d better break the blog drought before you all give up on me completely.  And I hate to say it, but things have been SO busy.  I feel like I’m barely treading water over here, and I honestly had the thought the other day that “In June, things will slow down”.  JUNE? Really? That’s 3 months away. So yeah, I ‘m a little weary.

We just got back from our second trip in 6 weeks out to Saskatchewan, this time for happier circumstances.  My grandpa is turning 90 this month, and so all the family got together to celebrate Giesbrecht style.  Which means we piled all 17 of us in a hotel for the weekend, ate our faces off, laughed a lot, ate some more, threw a party for my grandpa (62 people in all!) and reminisced together.

I was thinking on our flight home how blessed I’ve been this month.  Sure, I knew I would be coming back to hit the ground running…again. And I was feeling tired and sad and well…if I’m being honest…fat.  (Ohhh, are there ever jiggles where there shouldn’t be….) But I still felt so lucky that in the span of 6 weeks I got to see every single one of my family members on both sides of the family (except my brother and 1 cousin’s husband).  Family members who live in 3 different provinces and 2 different states. Family members who I haven’t seen in 8 years. All 44 of them. And that has made this whirlwind of a year so worth it.  (Do you know that I’ve been or will be on a plane in Dec 2010, Jan, March, April and May?)

So here’s to the next three months.  I promise to post about things other than my schedule.  You know, things that interest me, that make me think, that inspire me and that make me laugh.  And in June? I’ll throw us all a party.


2 thoughts on “My, it’s been a while.

  1. Denita says:

    Hey guys- Karm that’s PHENOMENAL that you’ve seen so much family!!! Blessed indeed- and very happy we’re on that esteemed list!

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