A few nights ago, Ben and I sat down to do a puzzle together.  I realize this probably instantly makes us 85, but what makes it even better is that we were listening to CBC radio at the same time.  We’re so hip and with it.

Seriously though, doing puzzles is such a relaxing activity.  Well, it normally is.  Unless your names are Ben and Karmyn Bokma and then as with most things, it becomes a competition.

It started off unspoken….and I figured it was all in my head.  “Clearly I’M finding more of the edge pieces than he is right now…”he’s STILL working on the water section? I’ve already  completed 2 buildings and the trees by now” and other such thoughts were rattling around in my brain.  But as we continued, I noticed that I wasn’t the only one that perhaps was getting extrinsic satisfaction out of our task.  I noticed that every time Ben found a piece that fit, he would do a little double tap on the piece which, let’s be honest, is just excessive.  I mean, the piece fit it FINE without the second tap securing it’s place.  He would also frequently add a little “ahhh” when he found a piece that would connect a few larger portions together.  And that’s when I realized…


Our friendly,peaceful little night of classical music and puzzling together became somewhat of an unspoken race, each of us certain that we were the indispensable puzzle master.  I’m pretty sure we finished in record time.

A little competition is always good for a marriage right?


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