It’s retreat week in my life right now. This means we have a youth retreat coming up this weekend (woo hoo!), but this also means that my life just got exponentially more busy.  I’m not stressed about it – I feel like I’ve got a good handle on the speaking sessions, games we’ll play, details of the weekend, etc etc etc (plus a killer group of leaders and student leaders who do a lot of the work!), but this week still will be busy from morning until night

The normal things of my week don’t stop: meetings, other tasks, etc – but in between these things, and during what would normally be my “off” hours (like for example THIS ENTIRE DAY WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO BE MY DAY OFF AND I’VE ALREADY WORKED 9 HOURS TODAY), are filled with planning, prepping, shopping ,etc.  And it’s ok, and totally worth it.  But it does make me realize something:

I will always and forever be a procrastinator.  I thought this quality might stop when I graduated from university, but no, it’s continued. I’ve learned to love and embrace this part of who I am, but it sure isn’t handy when I have real work to get done.  There’s just something about knowing that I have tons to do that makes me want to dilly-dally.  And so here’s a list of the things that I’ve used to delay the real work I’ve needed to do from getting done:

  • Read blogs.  (Ok, I do this anyway, but today I went through all of my favourite and regular blog reads) (and if I didn’t link you…don’t worry, I’m just too lazy to link that many people.  Plus I don’t want to admit how many blogs I really read.  It’s a shame avoider more than know?
  • Folded 4 baskets worth of laundry.  Which took almost an hour.  But that’s probably because I was also watching tv, making myself a cup of coffee, talked on the phone, and eating a brownie within that same hour..
  • Really hoped that this website would have a new post, which it didn’t. (And as a disclaimer….this website has bad language yo. And is sometimes very inappropriate.   But I’m fairly certain I’ve never laughed so hard at anything. Ever. Ever.  Like I physically had to stop looking for a few minutes because my lungs were telling my brain that they needed air more than laughter. And if you DO check it out…start with the top rated.  And if you don’t like it, well then, don’t judge me for my sense of humour, because I won’t stop thinking this stuff is funny) (“Christmas dinner” is a personal fave)
  • Worked on a puzzle.  You think Ben and I would have learned after our recent puzzle competition to just put the pieces away.  No.  We didn’t.  We just found a harder, more complicated puzzle to do, which has dominated our dining room table for a week now.  We’re learning we weren’t as awesome as we thought we were.
  • Wrote this blog

Well, that’s actually all I did today to procrastinate.  Turns out today was more productive than I thought.  Huh. Maybe I am growing up.  I doubt I’ll be posting much more this week – what with all the grown up, responsible work I have to do.  But maybe just maybe, if I get enough done, you’ll see me back here sooner than I think…


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