A Birthday Worth Mentioning

Today is my mom’s birthday.  (Woot! Woot!)  And in honour of that, I thought I’d write her a little acronym poem using the letters of her first and middle name to help her celebrate her special day and let everyone know how awesome she is.  So without further ado:

J – Just plain great.  Seriously, I have one of those moms who my friends love.  She is thoughtful, gentle, caring and geniune. Yikes, I better stop using all these adjectives  or else I’m going to run out of things to say on the rest of her name..

O – Open.  My mom and I have great chats, and this is largely in part to her openness to share her life with me.  She does this with so many people and has great friendships because she knows how to journey with people and share her life with them.

A – Always has good food in the house.  Ok, so this one may just seem like I’m a moocher of a daughter who bee-lines it for the fridge when she goes home for a visit.  And although this is true, I think the thing that stands out about this quality is that my mom does and has always worked hard to make her house a home. For her family and guests.  It’s not really about how well stocked the freezer is with her cooking, it’s about the fact that she cares enough to plan ahead.  And let’s be honest, it puts our piddly little pantry with half a loaf of bread and a jar of molasses in it to shame.   (Anyone wanna come over for dinner? Anyone?)

N – Nice.  I realize this seems like a cop-out of a letter.  I mean nice? C’mon who isn’t nice? But for real, my mom is just plain nice.  If you know her, you know this is true.  She’ll put you ahead of herself.  She’ll encourage you. She won’t talk about you behind your back. She’ll make you feel comfortable about who you are.

A – Amazing dresser.  (So what? I’m allowed to have a superficial quality in here…it’s my poem!) I’m jealous of my mom’s style.  She’s hip-and-with-it, and has way better clothes than I do.  This isn’t important in the realm of what makes her a good person – but it shows me that she cares for herself, which IS an important quality.

R – Relies on God.  My mom is a godly woman.  I know a LOT of people respect her for her faith and despite trials in life, she has always trusted, and turned to God in prayer.  I can’t think of a better quality to have in a mom than this.

L – Loves her family.  There is no doubt about this.  We all know it, and are better people for it.

E – Ethic, healthy work.  Hoo boy, THAT one was a stretch.  But what I’m trying to say is that my mom is a hard worker, and really, the only way to make that come out using an E was to reverse the wording. But for reals. I’m inspired by how hard my mom works. She has integrity at her job, she stays on top of tasks at home, she volunteers at church and in the community with her home church and she knows the balance of working hard and resting.  It’s safe to say my lazy ass-itis which flares up from time to time didn’t come from her.

N – Nutritious.  My mom is a healthy eater, which is inspiring. She will often forgo some of what the rest of us are eating in the name of good health, again, keeping her the best version of herself as possible.

E – Encouraging.  Ben and I (and my brothers, dad, friends and others) are often the recipients of encouraging little gifts from my mom.  Like at Valentine’s day when she’ll send us a restaurant gift card to enjoy a date night, and along with it she’s made a homemade card with a great Bible verse about love on it.  Or the time when she typed out close to 100 verses, printed them on cardstock, cut them into cue-cards and made each of her kids a little box-o-verses that she prayed would encourage us every time we looked at one.

So there you have it.  Happy birthday Joan Arlene. (I hope you don’t mind the entire blog world knowing your middle name…).  I was inspired by my brother, who just recently bought a hunting rifle and named it Joan Arlene in honour of our mom. Because his rifle will provide him food and comfort, just like mom does.  (reason #845 why my brother is hilarious and I love him).

Love you mom!

(and my dad is pretty awesome too, so I figured he could make the picture)


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