The Weekend

Ben and I had a full, fun weekend. As I mentioned, we were at a wedding on the weekend, one that I was involved in.  It was a fun day (despite being super busy at both the ceremony and reception), and what made it extra special is that it, in some ways, paralleled our own wedding 5 years ago.

The couple got married at the Niagara Botanical Gardens which is where Ben and I had planned on getting our wedding pictures taken.  (Due to a flower show happening the weekend of our wedding, we chose a different spot, rather than fight for space with a thousand other people…) Going back there brought back memories of us planning our own time, and I was reminded of why I reallllllly wanted to have my pictures taken there in the first place.  So it was kind of fun, 5 years later to grab a few pictures in the same spots we’d originally planned on taking our wedding shots.  Thankfully, this time around, being knocked up was much more socially appropriate.  

Sound Check before the ceremony (and no, I didn’t keep my $8 diva sunglasses on, although they complete the look no?)

Singing the bride down the aisle

The row of trees that made me want to get my wedding pictures done here in the first place.  

The reception happened at the exact same spot that we had our reception (thanks to our referral), and it was kind of fun re-living the reception fun of our own wedding.  

After the wedding we drove 2 1/2 hours to Port Stanley to spend some time with some dear friends that we don’t see nearly enough. Driving at 1:30 in the am after MC-ing a wedding and dancing up a storm was haaaard. It’s a good thing my husband supported me by promptly reclining the seat and falling asleep…

 We did the same thing with these friends 2 years ago and hopefully it can become a yearly tradition!  And naturally, we didn’t take a single picture, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that getting away to a cottage by the beach, with good friends was just what we needed to cap off our weekend. 

All around, a full, but wonderful weekend.  


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