As Of Late

We had a Toy Story themed day camp at our church this week.  It was awesome for several reasons:

  1. It doesn’t get much better than skits that involve the kids solving clues to save Jessie from the evil Emperor Zurg, and make-shift cardboard Buzz Lightyear wings.
  2. This camp was the first week-long camp that we’ve done for the low-income social housing communities near our church.  We had 30 kids register, 4 of whom were from our church, and 26 of whom lived in the neighbourhood and have had little or no exposure to church or the gospel.  This was a huge encouragement and we had a great week.
  3. It brought me back to my AIA camp days, and as tired as I am, it was fun to connect with a big group of kids  again. I also forgot how easy it is to find a favourite little kid, and boy oh boy did I ever.  In fact, the entire youngest group was pretty much my favourite all week.  

Because of said camp, however, I worked a ridiculous amount of hours and so therefore, chose to sit on my butt all night tonight. This makes me feel kind of bad for the house guests that are sleeping over tomorrow night, but I’ve already warned them that the house is a mess and there are no groceries.  We’re running a veritable Bed and Breakfast over here people .  As long as offering our guests the piddly end piece of the loaf of bread with the scrapings from the peanut butter jar can count as breakfast.  

We won our frisbee game on Tuesday.  To be honest, this really isn’t anything new (we are several kinds of awesome), but this game was against the only undefeated team in the league.  I’m not going to lie, this one felt good to win. 

The highlight of my week BY FAR would be the incredible honour I had to attend the birth of our dear friends’ daughter. I made it with 25 minutes to spare (she came quickly!!!) and was humbled that these people would allow me into such an intimate part of their lives.  It was a beautiful, holy, moment watching her enter the world and because it was a home birth, I got to hang out for the day, helping with their other daughter, while they enjoyed their newest family member.  And I got in lots of kisses on chubby newborn cheeks as well, which is always good for the soul.  

And that, is my life as of late.  I am desperately looking forward to next week, when I can actually sleep in until a normal hour of the morning and just work boring old office hours again.  Have a great weekend!


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