Where We’ve Been

There is a very good chance this post will have no semblance of order.  But there have been a lot of things going on that I just haven’t gotten around to posting because I’ve been too dang lazy.  Well, either lazy, or too busy enjoying my summer to pound out the blog posts.  So, here’s where I just put it all into one, a sampling, if you will of the things we’ve been up to, and the places we’ve been.

“What Should Have Been It’s Own Blog Post # 1”: Chicago

Back in MAY, Ben and I headed down to Chicago for a bit of a cousins reunion with some of the cousins on my mom’s side.  We hardly ever get to see each other and it was really, really awesome to see a new city, get to know my cousins’ kids and spend lots of time laughing and hanging out as family.  It may have been 3 months ago, but Adrian and Denita, Courtney, and Tyler and Erin, we had a great time with you all! 

“What Should Have Been It’s Own Blog Post # 2”: Weddings

Well, this one kind of was it’s own blog post, but here’s another recap.  I will shamelessly say that I wore the same dress to each of these three weddings.  I knew I would be rapidly expanding over the summer, and really didn’t want to have to invest in lots of different clothes, so at the beginning of the wedding season, I just sprung for one, $35 dress and made it work. (At least I wore my HAIR different….eh? eh?) From our friends Kelley and Kurtis, to BJ and Yvonne, to Ben’s sister Rebecca and Dan, we’ve celebrated the beginning of marriage this summer and it’s been wonderful.

“What Should Have Been It’s Own Blog Post #3: Nova Scotia”

Ben and I were in Nova Scotia a few weeks back, enjoying a vacation, and as has been previously mentioned, celebrating Rebecca’s wedding.  It was another great week of seeing family, laughing lots together, sleeping in, hanging out at the beach and just being away from normal life.  Sad to say, I didn’t milk any teats on this trip though, and somehow, that seems to make a trip back home to the farm a little less complete. 

“What Should Have Been It’s Own Blog Post # 4”: Worked at Home

This summer has actually been really nice because we haven’t been super busy. We have built a deck, have had a chance to get the baby’s room organized and ready for painting, and just in general have enjoyed kicking it around our home.  In honour of living here a year (back on June 25th), I was GOING to post pictures of our house that I’ve been talking about doing for oh….about A YEAR.  But as you can see that hasn’t happened yet.  But I’m seriously hoping it will.  In fact, I actually HAVE pictures on my camera now, ready to post up here…I’m just waiting for a picture of our bedroom and the tour will be complete.  What am I waiting for exactly? Well, there to be ONE day where my laundry isn’t all over the floor.  Then I can take a picture and make it seem like we live a lot cleaner than we actually do.  (That’s cool right? )  SO….this one still will be a blog post at some point, just hold on to your britches.  

Well, hopefully that gives you a sense of some of the things we’ve been up to this summer.  And now that I’ve gotten myself over the proverbial blog hump, let the posts flow freely!


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