I’ll Take My Heart Attack in a Medium Cup Please

Now, I never claimed to be the healthiest person on the planet (although I try), and I can’t lie, I really do love a refreshing glass of coke from time to time.  (This is where you DON’T send me all the bad side effects of coke….like the fact that it’s really useful to unclog your drain at home due to it’s chemical components)

BUT, (and I know you’re never supposed to say never), I don’t think I will EVER get on board with this idea:

Deep Fried Cola.

I heard about it on CBC radio today, and just listening made my arteries clog up   little bit more.  Really people? Have we really gotten to a point where we need to deep-fry what is possibly the worst drink for you on the planet?

The radio show was interviewing the guys who run the deep-fry booth at the Ex in Toronto (a big city fair essentially), and this was their latest brainchild.  The best part? They have to call it deep fried “cola” as opposed to deep-fried Coke because, although Coke sponsors the Ex, and is willing to let them use the exact recipe of Coca-cola, they didn’t think having a deep fried Coke product was in line with their new healthier image.  Right.

Coke? I have news for you.  You can try all you like, your products will never.  ever. be healthy.


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