31 Weeks

As per usual, I’m about 2 weeks late with this picture. I’m fast approaching 33 weeks which is still hard to wrap my mind around.

This picture was taken at Rachel (Ben’s sister) and Charles’ wedding, which took place over thanksgiving weekend.  Although this was the end of the night, and I was pooped, I figure it’s good enough since at least my hair wasn’t up in a ponytail and I wasn’t in sweat pants.  (See Baby, your momma can make an effort if she really tries!)

Things continue to progress very well with this kid, for which I am thankful. I’m proud to report that my donuts cravings have substantially subsided and I didn’t even succumb THAT often.  

One discovery that could only have been made during pregnancy was that I actually have 2 freckles in my belly button.  I have always been a VERY distinct “innie”, so much so that my brother used to mock the crater on my stomach.  It has been fascinating to watch that crater disappear, and dare I say even pop out? I don’t think I’ll ever be the person who looks like they have an M&M taped to their stomach under their shirt, but the crater? It is gone.  Ben used to joke with me and tell me to clean out my belly button because he could see dirt in there.  Turns out it’s just freckles.  TAKE THAT BEN.  I AM CLEAN AND HYGENIC.  Also? Huh….freckles in my bellybutton…who knew? (Annnnd it’s at this point that you’re probably questioning why you read my pregnancy updates.  Just be thankful I haven’t busted out the hemorrhoids talk)

We started our birthing classes last week and they are fascinating.  The topic of birth isn’t something I’ve talked about on this blog yet, but have intended to.  Part of my hesitation is that I haven’t actually done that ever before and really, don’t want to shoot my mouth off with big ideas and philosophies that don’t actually end up happening.  But soon, I will.  Because it really is a fascinating topic.  To give you the snapshot of what we think and where we hope to head with the birth of this little one:  We’re doing hypnobirthing classes in preparation for labour and birth, and are planning a homebirth.  And are very excited for the potential of a great birth experience!  Soon and very soon I will expound on those details, but that’s all for another post.

Names: We continually get asked if we have them picked out, and the honest to goodness answer is…no. (Like for reals..I’m not even being a douche bag yet). We have 2 names that we mostly like.  But have hesitations with both of them. Not big hesitations, and as we talk about it, they are the 2 names that we keep coming back to….so that says something right? RIGHT? But then again…what if those AREN’T the perfect names for our baby? Gah! The pressure.  Although, if I’m being honest, if the baby was born today, I do feel about 95% confident that we would have a name to give it that we love, so we’re getting close people.  

I am currently away for my final Arrow Leadership session, and once again, it’s been a WONDERFUL week so far.  I will have much to say at the end of this all, given that it’s our last week together and oh boy has there been growth in so many ways for me.  But since this is a post about being pregnant I will leave it at this:  Since being dropped off at the airport by Ben on Saturday morning, I dont’ think I’ve had to move my suitcase ONCE. Nor have I had to pick up a chair to move it, carry my things, or exert any physical force.  Everyone, from strangers on the airplane, to my family and friends that I’ve visited, to my Arrow classmates have literally made sure that I don’t have to lift a finger.  And this is HARD to embrace.  (I mean, I’m pregnant, not an invalid!) But I’m learning.  I feel very cared for and honestly, as I grow (and grow and grow), things really DO become harder to do (Like lug my suitcase up the stairs to my room), so I’ve been learning a bit of humility this week in letting people serve me.  

Well, that’s where I’m at over here these days.  I’m SO excited for Ben to join me here at Arrow tomorrow as we graduate at the end of this week, and then to enjoy a week of MUCH NEEDED holidays together.  WOOT WOOT.  


2 thoughts on “31 Weeks

  1. Kendall says:

    Yay!!! Almost there, cousin!!! 🙂 You look beautiful. And at the rate we’re going…we won’t have a name picked out until after YOU have your little one…which would mean ours might possibly be a month old before he’s named. Oh well. They’re overrated, right? 🙂

  2. Maria says:

    hey, karmyn! i am really interested to hear more about your hypnobirhing class and how it all goes in the end. we just had a homebirth and i really enjoyed the experience, except that we did still end up having to go to the hospital (which ended up being totally unnecessay,b ut better safe than sorry), but besides that part, i definitely recommend it! hope all goes well for you in these last few weeks before baby bokma makes his/her arrival!

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