Things I’ve Been Doing

1) Not working.  Mat leave has officially started (as of December 1st).  And it’s this strange mix of wonderful and weird.  To be honest, it took a few days to kick in because there were so many loose ends to tie up at work – youth parties, documents to pass on to the “new guy”, missions trip meetings…stuff I didn’t feel would be fair to just dump on my replacement without a bit of overlap.  But these past 2 days have been work free.  It’s good…but I still feel kind of aimless…so if any of you want to give me some direction to my days, feel free.

2) Being all domestic-like.  Due to said aimlessness, I’ve done a heckofalot more cleaning, cooking, organizing, etc.  Some may call this nesting, but I call it “umm, I would feel guilty sitting on my butt all day while my husband brings home a paycheck, so I guess I’ll make us something for supper”.  

3) Enjoying our clean house.  Back in March, Ben and I bought a 4 hour house-cleaning gift certificate at a silent auction fundraiser that our church was having.  Mostly out of procrastination, we never really cashed it in, and then once we were pregnant, we just decided to hold onto it until this month, when I really wasn’t going to feel like cleaning my bathtub. (I believe I even admitted this all to you a few posts ago….so rest assured, if you visited now, you’d see a streak-free tub). It’s SO nice to have parts of my house clean that I really can’t be bothered to get to like, say,  my baseboards.    They are CLEAN people.  

4) Not being in labour.  And that’s ok.  I’m really not ancy at all yet, and kind of am preparing myself to have another couple weeks to go before anything significant happens.  Sure, it COULD be tonight, but that’s still a crazy concept for me to wrap my brain around.   Sheesh, we are thisclose to being parents.  

5) Secretly hating all of you for thinking I’m going to have a large baby.  Seriously people. I put the baby pool guesses in a spreadsheet today and only ONE PERSON thinks our baby will be under 7 lbs.  In fact, the majority of you think it will be 8.5 lbs or higher.  Jerks.  Isn’t anyone rooting for me to have a baby that just slips right out because of it’s slenderness? Is that JUST me?? 

6) Reminiscing about the time that Ben and I graduated from university and we went to go get our cap sizes for grad photos and the guy there said to Ben after measuring his head “wow – you’ve got the largest head we’ve seen yet today”, and then when I chuckled he told me “don’t laugh, you’re one of the largest female heads we’ve seen today too”.  Oy. As funny as that was 6 years ago in 2005, I’m guessing that doesn’t bode well for our baby’s head circumference and the path it has to take to exit my body.  (quit laughing) 

7) Making a long to-do list for each day and then only accomplishing 4 of the items on the list.  And I’m ok with that.  It just means my list is 1/2 made up for tomorrow already. What’s the point of being off work if you can’t be a little bit lazy?

8 ) Trying to come up with a GRINCH costume for our jr. high christmas party tonight. In my genius planning of the Christmas youth events for this year, I made the Jr. High Christmas party a Grinch theme and then told everyone to come dressed as their favourite character. Well, the problem with this is that there actually AREN’T that many characters in the Grinch.  My options are basically, Max (the dog), the Grinch, or Cindy-lou-who.  And I’m having a really hard time coming up with a home-made costume for any of them….any ideas out there?? (And yes, I KNOW I’m on mat leave, but how could I miss the Christmas parties??)

9) Eating clementines like it’s my JOB. There are many reasons why I love this time of year, but one of those reasons certainly is the clementines.  In all their easy-to-peel-quick-to-eat-(mostly)-seedless glory.  

10) Apparently not blogging very much. (are you sick of looking at the same post about all the sugar I’m (not) eating??)  I do hope that I can fill this space more than once a week in the coming days, knowing that once Baby Bokma arrives, things may get a little sparse.  Here’s hoping!

Happy Wednesday!


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