2 Months

Well Ellie, 

You’re 2 whole months.  (Well, you were on the 24th, which was 2 days ago…) That’s a big deal.  At least to me it is.  It means I’ve gone approximately 60 days doing lots of things.  For example, I’ve:

  1. Kept you alive.  (can I get an amen?)
  2. changed a heckalot of diapers
  3. got no more than 5 hours of sleep in a single stretch
  4. stared at you when I should have been doing lots of other things. (this one sometimes is the reason I’m still in pyjamas by 2 in the afternoon)

This month has been awesome. (I suspect I’ll say that a lot to you Ellie, over these months of your life).  You are a lot of fun to be around, and let’s be honest…you don’t even do that much.  (So I’m guessing it gets even more awesome). But dang it little girl, are you ever cute.  You are a super smiley baby (well…when you’re not tired or hungry that is) – and I will pretty much do anything to make that little face of yours bust into a big grin.  You have completely mastered the art of kicking your legs.  And oh little one, you TALK. And hoo boy do I ever love this.  You pretty much only have one sound that you make (I think the experts call it cooing…) but I could seriously listen to it all day long.  

But the most wonderful thing you do this month and gets me every time, is when you’re nursing.  You look up at me as you’re eating, and inevitably at some point, you will smile at me with a huge smile, as if to say “isn’t this just the most fun we could be having right now mom?”  And 90% of the time, you haven’t yet swallowed your mouthful of milk, meaning it spills out everywhere, leaving a little milk trail alllllll down your cheek.  It’s awesome. Just awesome. And when I laugh at you, the smile gets even bigger.  

Ellie, I’m pretty sure that everyone reading this is thinking “yeah, Karmyn…you’ve pretty much just described every baby out there”, and you know what? It’s kind of true.  You’re pretty textbook little one, and that’s just fine with me.  Because although you’re textbook, you are most certainly one of a kind.  I think your dad summed it up well tonight when he asked me (when we were lying on the floor with you, staring at you, go figure), “can you believe she’s our daughter?”.  And sometimes, I still can’t.  You are a most extraordinary little girl, and I thank God that he chose us to be your parents. 

Happy 2 months to you little one.


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