Away We Go

  Ellie and I are off to Saskatchewan today.  We figured that we’d really stick it to Ben.  So what if he got to spend this week in the Caribbean in 30 degree weather, we’re going to the prairies…in the winter…so.there.  

Seriously though, I am looking forward to going.  It will be an important trip, one where Ellie will get to meet 2 great grandparents, and them, her. (My dad’s dad, and my mom’s mom) Realistically, this will probably be the only chance they get to meet her, and I’m so glad this can happen.  

We tried to line this trip up with Ben’s so that I could be away when he was, but it didn’t work out so well. We leave today, he comes home tomorrow.  So basically we just EXTENDED the time we have to be apart.  And is my heart ever aching to see him again.  But our time in Saskatchewan will be good. And worth it.  And will make our reunion next week that much sweeter.

My parents (bless their hearts) are coming with me, so that I don’t have to attempt to earn my “flying alone with a baby” badge just yet.  I figure there’s 3 of us, and one of her, so we SHOULD be ok.  Unless she realizes that all she has to do is scream for the entire trip and we’re all rendered useless adults.  Oh golly am I ever praying that I’m not THAT person on the plane.  And am I ever regretting all those times I silently judged parents on the airplane who’s children cried the whole time.  I’m kind of hoping this isn’t one of those life lessons where “what goes around comes around”…

*sigh . We shall see.  


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